Retail & Result

R&R stands for Retail & Result: software and services for food retailers, with improved results as the ultimate goal. R&R helps retail chains and franchise entrepreneurs find the right balance between labour costs and productivity. A proper balance between these two aspects has a positive effect on consumers’ experience in the store, and as such, their satisfaction levels.

Each day, R&R’s intelligent software is used to schedule over 65,000 employees in total.

R&R is a part of the Info Support International Group, an international ICT company with more than 450 employees.

R&R is the leading workforce management solution for food retailers in Europe.


R&R feels it is important to respond to its clients’ needs and wishes, and as such, continuously invests in its software and services. We add new features all the time and make sure that R&R meets our clients’ constantly changing digital needs.

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  • Bart AarsenGeneral Director

  • Xander BuffartManager Operations

  • Ferry VonkFinance

  • Daniel ZeilerAccount Manager

  • Henk van IngenAccount Manager

  • Stef van DijkConsultant

  • Linda van GooswilligenConsultant

  • Arnoud VermazenConsultant

  • Ronald SpruijtenburgConsultant

  • Wianda van MeertenMarketing & Communications

  • Ludwig MontebanMarketing & Communications

  • Willem van OlderenTime registration

  • Daniëlle LukassenOffice Manager

  • Arjan BakkerR&D

  • Mark TalingR&D

  • Jonathan MezachR&D

  • René van KleefR&D

  • Rian de JongR&D

  • Arthur van DijkR&D

  • Nik LebbeR&D

  • Clint GeenseR&D

  • Danny van der BiezenR&D

  • Martijn AdolfsenR&D

  • Adi DerksenR&D

  • Ricardo VinkR&D

  • Perry BruinsR&D

  • Richard van WinssenR&D

  • Jack van OlstR&D

  • Sonja NuijenR&D

  • Feng ZhuR&D

  • Melvin BaaijR&D

  • Tim van de LockandR&D