Optimal communication with employees

This app allows employees to have direct insight into their personal schedule. It also enables them to easily apply for leave and view their current leave balance. Should any employees be unavailable for one of their scheduled shifts, they can file a request for a shift swap. Their co-workers will then be able to swap the shift with them, pending your approval. Moreover, any employees who are in school can input their school schedule as well. In short, everything will be available in a centralised location, thanks to our app. Our R&R job app contributes to optimal communication with your employees.

What does the R&R job app offer?

  • Easy insight into their own schedule for employees
  • Employees are able to swap shifts, pending their supervisor’s approval
  • Employees’ entire applications for leave can easily be filed via the app
  • Employees are always able to view their current leave balance
  • Thanks to notifications, employees are always made aware of changes to their schedules
  • Supervisors are able to easily send messages to their employees’ email address; they will receive a notification in the app
  • Shifts can be offered to employees to replace a sick co-worker or for whatever circumstances

The advantages of the R&R job app

• The R&R job app ensures ease and time savings as it eliminates part of the administrative burden and automates certain other aspects
• Reduced chance of errors and miscommunication, as employees are able to file their own applications in a single app and are able to inform their supervisors with the press of a button
• Motivated and productive employees, due to them being more closely and better involved in the planning process
• Serves as an addition to R&R WFM to make the planning process even more efficient

Work schedules

Do you want to provide your employees with easy insight into their work schedules? If so, use our R&R job app. As soon as you finalise your employees’ schedules in R&R WFM, they will automatically be inputted in the R&R job app. Employees will then be able to view their own schedule for the relevant weeks. And rest assured; if you make any changes to their schedules in the meantime, these changes will automatically be inputted in the schedules in the job app as well. In short, the app will always provide your employees with the most current version of their schedules. If you want to know more about our R&R job app and all of its functionalities, go here to read everything there is to know about this app for employees.


If any of your employees are still of school-going age or still attend school, they will be able to input (and if necessary, change) their school schedules in the R&R job app. The number of hours they are legally permitted to work is then determined in accordance with their school schedule. Moreover, you will know exactly when your employees will be available and when they will be in school. Do you want to know more about our R&R job app? It makes things easier for both you and your employees.


Did you know that our job app will enable your employees to easily file for leave? They simply click ‘Leave’ followed by ‘Application’ in the job app to file their application. They can only file for leave that starts at least 14 days later, to ensure that the leave can be incorporated into the schedule. Once the supervisor has approved the application, the employee will receive notification thereof in the app, and their leave will automatically be processed in R&R WFM, preventing you from having to do any repeat work.

Leave balance

Do your employees frequently ask you for their current leave balance? This question will become obsolete when using the R&R job app! This app enables employees to easily view their own current leave balance in number of hours, ensuring they know exactly how many hours they have left. Easy does it! The app also enables them to file for leave. You are then able to approve the application, which will automatically be incorporated into R&R WFM as well.

Swapping shifts

Do you frequently deal with employees who request changes to their schedule? Our app allows employees to easily swap shifts, up to 72 hours before the start of said shift. Here’s how:

The relevant employee offers up a shift for swapping.
Our R&R job app then checks which other employees meet the following requirements:

1) Who is available?

Some people will already be scheduled at the relevant time or will have indicated that they are unable to work at that time. These are out.

2) Who is the same age?

It makes sense to replace any one employee with someone of the same age. Thus, our app checks the available employees’ ages.

3) Who is capable of working at the relevant department?

A shift swap can only be finalised if the replacement is capable of working at the relevant department. Our app checks such capability as well.

The employees who meet all three requirements receive the original employees offer. They can then indicate whether they are willing to take on the shift. As supervisor, you will then receive an overview of the employees who are willing to take on the shift. The system also checks whether after including the relevant shift, these employees will still satisfy the requirements of the Dutch act on working hours. You then simply choose the employee best able to replace the employee offering the shift, or instead deny the employee’s offer. Your response will automatically be processed in R&R WFM and communicated to the relevant employees.

Advantages of the shift-swapping functionality?

  • As supervisor, you maintain control and a comprehensive overview of the schedule
  • It enables employees to quickly and easily swap shifts makes it easy
  • The schedule is automatically adjusted and shared with the relevant employees
  • It enables you to involve your employees in the scheduling process more
  • Inviting and user-friendly
  • Prevent repeat work thanks to the automated link to R&R WFM

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