The optimisation programme gives you the choice of 3 packages:

  • Performance scan
  • Immersion programme
  • Annual subscription

In short, you can choose a programme that suits you best. Naturally, we can also create a customised programme for your store.

Performance scan

Every optimisation programme starts with a so-called performance scan. This scan gives the store an insight into use of the R&R modules: ‘Forecast’, ‘Rota’, ‘Hours Worked’ and ‘Payment’. This is followed by advice from the consultant in terms of customer satisfaction, productivity and/or labour costs. This scan gives you a better understanding of the R&R modules, but also offers a better insight into how store processes are running, so you know where you can still make adjustments.

Immersion programme

Would you and your team like to gain a better insight and practical tools for implementation of R&R WFM? Then opt for the immersion programme. This programme runs for 13 weeks and starts with a performance scan.

After the scan, the consultant will come and see you for an initial consultation. During this first visit, you discuss the theme of ‘the right task at the right time’. You can then put this into practice for a few weeks. In week 3, the consultant returns for another visit. The focus is then on ‘the right task at the right time by the right employee’. An immersive element is thus added to the use of R&R WFM and store processes.


Finally, the consultant will return for a third consultation during which the focus will be on ‘the right task at the right time by the right employee at the right price’. After 13 weeks, you will have gained a better insight and you will be able to get more out of R&R WFM because your knowledge will have been expanded. In short, this immersion programme covers all elements.

The immersion programme consists of the following components:

  • Performance scan
  • 3x consultations

Annual subscription

Is a 13-week immersion programme too short for you? Then opt for an annual subscription. You and your team will then receive support from our consultant for a year and you will be given tailor-made advice based on multiple Performance scans.

The immersion programme can be adjusted during the year according to your current needs and based on insights obtained from the scans. In addition, our consultant will conduct several visits and have in-depth consultations with you so that by the end of the year, you know exactly what is happening in your store, where you can make adjustments, and how to use R&R WFM.

The annual subscription consists of the following components:

  • Performance scan
  • Immersion programme
  • 3x consultations + performance scans

Want to know more?

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