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Do you have a specific query about R&R? You might find the answer in our FAQ. They contain the answers to the most frequently asked questions about R&R.
Which IOS and Android versions are supported?

We currently support the following versions:

  • IOS version 12 and higher
  • Android version 7 and higher
Why have I not received an invitation email or an e-mail after I requested one for ‘forgotten passwo

This e-mail may have ended up in your spam folder. Therefore check in your spam folder if this e-mail is here. With a Gmail account, the spam folder is in many cases a "hidden" folder, so there is the experience that the mail has not arrived at all.

A possible solution is to perform the search "label: spam jobapp" in Gmail in the search function. After this the mail will most likely be visible.

What does ‘Hours Worked’ show?

This functionality shows you the hours you worked during a particular working week. The start and finish times of your working day are shown under the day and date. The hours shown are the net hours worked. You can review a maximum of 7 weeks.

Does R&R Time meet the requirements of the GDPR?

R&R Time does not process any personal data and/or fingerprints; instead, it uses a registered chip. This chip does not contain any personal data of the employee using it. That means R&R Time automatically meets the requirements of the GDPR.

Can R&R Time interface with other systems?

R&R Time can only be linked to R&R itself. However, we do offer a standard interface option for other time registration systems. We would be happy to check whether your system is compatible with R&R.

Must I use R&R Time?

You are not required to use R&R Time; it is an optional additional product.

Can R&R Time be used as an access control system?

No, R&R Time only serves as a time registration system. The system does not meet the security requirements and lacks the necessary functionalities to be used as an access control system.

When is R&R Time backed up?

The base station stores the clocked times per access key until they have been successfully sent to R&R. If the base station is unable to connect to R&R, it will continue to store the clocked times until the connection has been re-established.

My question is not listed

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