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Do you have a specific query about R&R? You might find the answer in our FAQ. They contain the answers to the most frequently asked questions about R&R.
What happens when an employee loses their access card?

When an employee loses their access card, it can be blocked in the system. Next, a new card can be registered for the employee in question.

Can R&R automatically process the realised hours?

Yes, this is possible if you use R&R Time, our proprietary time registration system. If you use a different time registration system, we would be happy to determine whether it can connect to R&R via our standard interface.

More about R&R Time

Will I receive training on how to use R&R?

You will immediately start using R&R yourself. On top of that, a consultant will come by during the implementation process to give you an individual hands-on training and familiarise you with the ins and outs of the software. We are happy to help you make the most of R&R in your organisation.

Does R&R include the relevant collective labour agreement, legislation and regulations?

Yes, R&R automatically takes the applicable collective labour agreement, legislation and regulations into account. Because of this, your planning process will become even easier.

Is R&R right for me?

R&R is suitable for both independent entrepreneurs and franchises within various sectors.

If you want to be sure that R&R is right for you, you can sign up for a demo with no further obligation here.
How does a schedule work?

The schedule shows the occupation of the various departments, so you make sure that the number of hours being deployed is neither too high nor too low. The hour budget from the prognosis forms the foundation that helps you achieve an optimal planning.

Where is R&R used?

Our software is used in several countries, including the Netherlands and Germany. Our clients include supermarkets, florists and bakeries. R&R can be used throughout the food retail, hospitality, catering and other retail sectors.

If you want to know if our products are right for you, contact us today.

It is possible to trade shifts via the R&R job app?

Yes, that is definitely possible – even up until a few days before the start of the shift. The earliest possibility for trading shifts depends on company policy. However, the supervisor is always in charge and they have the final say in how a shift is filled.

Can I synchronise my work schedule with my personal agenda?

Yes, it is possible to synchronise your work schedule with your personal agenda.

What does an interface do?

R&R uses data that may also be available in external systems. With an interface, these data can easily be sent from an external system to R&R or vice versa – depending on the type of interface you use.

What does R&R Time do?

R&R Time is R&R’s proprietary time registration system. When you use R&R Time, all worked shifts are automatically recorded in R&R.

If you are interested, you can read more about R&R Time here

Must wiring be installed throughout the entire store in order to use R&R Time?

No, R&R Time’s clocks are completely wireless, although the base station does require a power supply and an Internet connection. Depending on the size of the store, it may be necessary to use repeaters, which require a power supply of their own. The communication between the various components of R&R Time is fully wireless and does not require a Wi-Fi connection.

Is it possible to only use the software to draw up schedules?

R&R is a complete workforce management solution, which is why it is not possible to only use the scheduling module. All steps of the planning process are interconnected. However, you are free to use the various components of the software as much or as little as you wish.

Is R&R regularly updated?

Yes, we work hard every single day to further innovate and optimise our software. To make sure you can benefit from these developments as well, we regularly update our software. You will always have the latest version to work with. If there are any changes to the software’s functionality, we will let you know in a timely manner.

How long are the interface data stored?
All data stored by R&R are subject to the same retention period. At the end of this period, the data are automatically deleted.
When is R&R Time backed up?

The base station stores the clocked times per access key until they have been successfully sent to R&R. If the base station is unable to connect to R&R, it will continue to store the clocked times until the connection has been re-established.

Can I adjust the realisation at any time?

You can adjust the realisation until it is finalised. Once the hours worked have been finalised, you can begin the payrolling process. If necessary, you can make some final corrections during that phase.

How does the realisation work?

Realisation tracks which shifts were worked, based on the schedule and possibly supplemented with data from an external time registration system. This will quickly give you insight into whether the realised hours match the scheduled hours. Furthermore, you can correct any deviations.

How can an employee request leave via the app?

This can be done in just a few clicks. On the main screen, tap Leave. Next, tap Request. Click on the (+) icon to submit a new leave request.

How quickly do clients receive support if they have any questions or problems?

Our support department is available on working days from 08:00 to 17:30. Based on the report we receive, we will provide an estimation of how quickly we can resolve the problem or answer the question. If you need replacement equipment for R&R Time, you will receive it within one or two working days.

What can R&R do for me?

R&R helps you effectively schedule your employees and offers insight into your wage costs and productivity, while taking the applicable collective labour agreement and relevant laws and regulations into account.

We can also develop connections (interfaces) with various other systems, e.g. HRM, POS, time registration and payment systems, to take part of these administrative tasks out of your hands. With our R&R job app, we also make communicating with employees easier.

What can I do with an interface?

It is possible to link various external systems to our R&R software to prevent the unnecessary repetition of work and make it less prone to errors. In this manner, we make your administrative tasks a bit easier.

Does R&R Time require any maintenance?

No, the system does not require any manual maintenance. If necessary, R&R Time will automatically update when it submits clocked times to the R&R software.

How does an interface work?

An interface is used to exchange data. There are two types of interfaces. Incoming interfaces are used to import data from external systems, e.g. HRM systems, into R&R. External interfaces are used to export data from R&R to external systems, e.g. the systems of a payroll services provider.

When do I communicate the schedule?

This depends on your own planning process, as long as you act in accordance with your sector’s collective labour agreement.

What can I do with the realisation?

It grants you insight into the discrepancy between the scheduled hours and the hours that were actually realised. If necessary, the realised hours can be corrected. They form the foundation for the payrolling process.

Can R&R be personalised?

Yes, during the implementation of our product, you can make specific choices about certain components of the software to ensure R&R suits your organisation’s needs perfectly.

If you want to know which components can be personalised, contact us now.

Can I use the R&R job app to draw up schedules?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the job app to draw up schedules. This can only be done with our software. The R&R job app is primarily intended to communicate with employees about their schedule, time off and availability.

Who maintains the interface?

The interfaces that R&R supports are also maintained by R&R. We make sure that our interfaces continue to work as agreed and will always utilise the latest security measures and standards.

What does R&R do?

R&R stands for Retail & Result. We help you schedule the right employee at the right place, at the right time and at the right costs with our WFM software. WFM is short for Workforce Management.

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Can I modify the payrolling at any time?

Yes, this is possible, although we do recommend making any and all necessary adjustments within the payroll period itself.

How does the prognosis work?

Based on historical data on revenue, units and/or client streams, the software makes a prediction of a future week. Based on this prediction, hour budgets can be allocated to make sure an efficient planning can be drawn up.

Who can access the R&R job app?

Anyone can download the app for free. However, employees can only use the app after receiving an invitation via R&R from their store/organisation.

Does an interface meet all security requirements?

Yes, it does. We only exchange data that R&R supports. All data are exchanged via encrypted connections and in keeping with applicable industry security standards.

Can the R&R job app also show time-for-time hours?

These hours and your own leave entitlement are available in the R&R job app.

How long are the R&R Time data stored?

R&R Time only stores data on clocked hours until they have been communicated with R&R. In R&R itself, the clocked hours are stored in accordance with the predetermined retention period.

Can employees consult their leave entitlement within the app?

Yes, the app allows employees to easily consult their own leave entitlement in hours. That means they will always know exactly how many hours of leave they are still entitled to.

When do I make a schedule?

We recommend finalising the schedule at least three weeks before the start of the actual shifts. This leaves plenty of time to adjust the schedule if necessary based on employee feedback. However, the exact moment also depends on your own planning process and the internal agreements made within your organisation.

Can R&R Time interface with other systems?

R&R Time can only be linked to R&R itself. However, we do offer a standard interface option for other time registration systems. We would be happy to check whether your system is compatible with R&R.

How many users does R&R have?

We have more than 1,000 clients who use our software every day to schedule more than 100,000 employees.

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