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Do you have a specific query about R&R? You might find the answer in our FAQ. They contain the answers to the most frequently asked questions about R&R.
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What are total net hours?

The total number of hours you worked during the week in question.

Why is the ‘Hours Worked’ icon not working for me?

Perhaps your organisation does not use the ‘Hours worked’ functionality. The functionality is then switched off for your organisation. You can enquire from your manager and if necessary, request that the functionality be switched on.

What can I do if my ‘Hours Worked’ are incorrect?

Discuss it with your manager. Your manager can correct the hours in R&R WFM. Once your manager has recalculated the hours for the week in question, you will be able to see this in the app.

Why do I get a notification that I have worked no hours in ‘Hours Worked’?

You get this notification if you have not worked during the selected week. You also get this notification if you were on annual leave for the whole week, or if you were sick.

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