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80.000+ R&R job app users!

We are proud to announce that we have more than 80.000 R&R job app users. This app was developed especially for you and your employees. The R&R job app enables you to involve employees in the planning process easily. This contributes to the engagement, motivation and productivity of employees.

What does the R&R job app offer employees?

You have a useful insight in your own actual schedule. In the app you will have an insight into your current annual leave balance and you can easily submit leave requests. If you are not available on certain days, you can submit your availability. You can also swap shifts with other employees.

Are you still going to school? You can submit your school timetable in the app. You can also accept additional shifts when the manager sends a request to all available employees. Do you want to have insights in your worked hours? No problem. Employees can easily review the hours they worked over the past 7 weeks.

More information about the R&R job app? Take a look here.