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Introducing the fully-updated R&R

Our software has undergone a comprehensive upgrade. Not only has our workforce management software been given a brand-new look, the technology behind it has also been updated. Here are the details:

Latest technology

We built the updated R&R using the latest technology to ensure you can use our software as optimally as possible. Not only does that make our software future-proof, we can also keep developing and optimising it with a focus on user-friendliness.

Focus on user-friendliness

Not only is the software based entirely on the latest technology, we also specifically took user-friendliness into account. In doing so, we examined the basis of R&R thoroughly. We looked at what modifications were necessary to help make planning even easier for you. Our priority is to unburden you, the user.

We have expanded, improved, or completely replaced functionalities in the updated R&R while retaining integration with the R&R job app and R&R Time. A number of specific changes to functionalities are listed below:

  • Navigation: our product has a new navigation structure, making it even easier for you to find your way around our software.
  • Editing information: we have also made it easier to edit employee information across the entire application. In addition, we have made it easier to record annual leave and sickness absences. This is now directly accessible from anywhere in the application.
  • Adding employees: it is also easier to add new employees.

Not only was user-friendliness central to the development of the updated R&R, we will continue optimising and developing our software in the future. If you’d like to know the specific details of the updated R&R, make an appointment and we’ll be delighted to come and give you a demo.

Request a demo

What does R&R offer?

We tell you how R&R can help you in the video below.

What will change for existing clients?

Nothing is changing right now. The updated software is currently available to new clients only. We want to prevent existing clients switching to the new software and experiencing problems due to links that may not be working correctly or functionalities that are still being developed for existing clients.

We have therefore decided to introduce the updated software for new clients only. We will inform existing clients when this becomes available to them.

Want to know more? Here are the answers to some of our existing clients’ most important questions:

1. Why don’t I have access to R&R’s updated software?
The updated software is currently only available to new clients who are using interfaces.

2. I do not use any links to R&R. Can I get access to this software?
We would be happy to explore whether we can switch you over to the updated R&R yet.

3. When will the updated software be available to all existing clients?
We are very busy developing the software further. We’ll let our existing clients know when the updated software is available to them.

4. Can I see the updated software in the meantime?
Yes, certainly. Schedule an appointment via Ater sales and we’ll show you more of the updated R&R.

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