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Hours worked.

Gain an insight into the hours worked by registering employees’ working times.

Once the schedule has been finalised, it is important to know whether employees are actually working the hours shown on the schedule. Employees’ working hours are recorded daily in the schedule week in question. This gives you an insight into hours worked in relation to the schedule.

This registration of hours worked can be entered manually. But naturally, it is even easier if this is done automatically. This can be done by means of a time registration system. You can choose from R&R Time or another time registration system.

R&R Time

R&R Time gives you an insight into the hours worked by each employee in each department. How? As it happens, employees clock themselves in as being present and then clock in at the relevant department or for the relevant task. When employees go home, they clock out again. It is that simple! Would you like employees to clock in and out for breaks too? No problem. You can do that too. In addition, R&R Time can be linked to R&R WFM so you gain an even greater insight ino productivity.

R&R Time is completely integrated into R&R WFM software. This means the hours worked are automatically processed at department level and it simplifies administration. It also prevents errors in payroll administration. You can simply compare the recorded hours to the payment details. This is useful at both formula and store level.

You can also see which employees are present in which department in real time in R&R WFM and thus make any changes on the shop floor immediately. In short, R&R Time facilitates convenient administration and contributes to optimal productivity because you know exactly when which employee is present in which department and whether this corresponds with the schedule.

More about R&R Time

Hours worked

  • Working hours are recorded daily
  • Gain an insight into hours worked in relation to the schedule
  • Easy to link to R&R Time

R&R job app

Communicate with employees easily via a single app. Over 80,000 employees now use this app.

Current schedule.

Employees have a convenient insight into their own current schedules. Changes to the schedule in the interim? No problem. These changes are reflected in the app too

Swap shifts.

Employees can swap shifts easily with the approval of the manager. This makes it easier to arrange cover for shifts.

Share school timetables.

School-going employees can share their school timetables via the app so managers know exactly when they are available.


Employees can share their availability via the app. This is automatically processed in R&R once approval has been received from the manager.

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