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Arrange payment for employees once the hours have been worked and the week is over.

Once the hours have been worked and the week is over, payment of employees can be arranged. You can simply export all salary information from R&R WFM. It takes the collective labour agreement, the Working Hours Act, as well as overtime rates into account. That makes it easier for you to comply with relevant regulations and it reduces the risk of non-compliance with these rules.

Use of the Workforce Management System means you can focus on your core business. You also have more time to communicate with employees because you spend less time on administrative tasks. This contributes to greater employee satisfaction. By linking to a payroll system, you barely need do anything in relation to paying your employees.


You can export payment information to your payroll system. R&R WFM offers the option of creating a link to the most widely used payroll systems automatically. You hardly need do anything once it has been implemented. This makes your administrative tasks even easier.

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R&R offers a full package.

  • 100,000+ employees’ rotas are planned with R&R
  • 60,000+ R&R job app users
  • Software that is geared to the future and to which innovation is central

R&R job app

Communicate with employees easily via a single app. Over 60.000 employees now use this app.

Current rota.

Employees have a convenient insight into their own current rotas. Changes to the rota in the interim? No problem. These changes are reflected in the app too.

Swap shifts.

Employees can swap shifts easily with the approval of the manager. This makes it easier to arrange cover for shifts.

Share school timetables.

School-going employees can share their school timetables via the app so managers know exactly when they are available.


Employees can share their availability via the app. This is automatically processed in R&R once approval has been received from the manager.

R&R clients:

R&R job app

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R&R job app

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