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R&R job app.

The R&R job app enables you to involve employees in the planning process easily. This contributes to the engagement, motivation and productivity of employees.

An app especially for you and your employees

Not only does R&R offer Workforce Management Software for smarter planning, but we also offer an app for communicating with employees about their shifts easily. Our R&R WFM software can easily be enhanced with this R&R job app.

This app was developed especially for you and your employees. The R&R job app enables you to involve employees in the planning process easily. This contributes to the engagement, motivation and productivity of employees.

Optimal communication with employees

The app gives employees an insight into their personal rotas. They can also easily submit annual leave requests and view their current annual leave balances. If employees are unavailable for a shift on the rota, they can submit a request to swap shifts. Colleagues can simply respond via the app. The manager makes the ultimate decision as to who takes over the shift.

In addition, employees attending school can provide their school timetables via the app. In short, everything is in one central place with our app. Our R&R job app contributes to optimal communication with employees.

What does the R&R job app offer?

  • Employees have a useful insight into their own rotas
  • Employees can swap shifts with the approval of their manager
  • Employees can easily submit annual leave requests via the app
  • Employees always have an insight into their current annual leave balance
  • Notifications inform employees of changes to their rotas
  • Managers can send messages to their employees. They receive notification of this via the app
  • Offer services to employees via R&R
  • Employees can submit their availibility via the app

Benefits of the R&R job app

  • The R&R job app offers convenience and saves time because some administrative tasks become redundant or are processed automatically
  • Less chance of errors and miscommunications because employees can submit requests themselves via a single app and inform their managers with the press of a button
  • Employees are motivated and productive because they are more involved in the planning process
  • Supplementary to R&R WFM to make the planning process even more efficient

Current rota:

Would you like to give employees an insight into their rotas easily? Then use our R&R job app. As soon as you have planned your employees’ rotas in R&R WFM, these are transferred to the R&R job app automatically.

Employees can then view their own rotas for the weeks in question. Changes to the rota in the interim? No problem. These changes are made to the rota in the app automatically. The app therefore always provides employees with access to the most up to date rota.

School timetable:

Do you have employees who are of school-going age or who attend school? These employees can simply import their school timetables into the R&R job app and amend them if necessary.

The app automatically calculates how many hours a day a pupil may work based on the school timetable. In addition, you know when an employee is available and when they need to attend school.

Swapping shifts:

Do employees regularly ask to have their rotas amended? Employees can easily swap shifts via our app. This can even be done up to 72 hours before their shift starts. We will gladly explain how:

The employee in question submits a request to swap a shift.
Our R&R job app then checks who meets the following criteria:

1) Who is available?

Some people are already scheduled or have indicated that they are unavailable on the day in question. They are excluded because they are unavailable.

2) Who is the same age?

Of course, it is logical to replace an employee with someone of the same age because of labour costs. Our app checks this automatically.

3) Who is able to work in the department in question?

Of course, the shift can only be swapped with someone who is able to work in the same department. Our app checks this for you.

The people still available on this basis receive a request from the employee. They can then indicate whether they wish to take over the shifts. As the manager, you then receive a list of the employees who are willing to cover the shift. The app also checks whether these employees will still comply with the Working Hours Act if they work the shift.

Based on this, you select the employee best placed to replace the other, or you simply decline the employee’s request. This is then automatically processed in R&R WFM and communicated to your employees.

Benefits of the shift swapping functionality:

  • As a manager, you always retain control and oversight of planning
  • Makes it easy for employees to swap shifts quickly
  • The rota is amended and shared with employees automatically
  • Your employees are more involved in planning
  • Appealing and user friendly
  • Prevents duplication of work because this is automatically linked to R&R WFM

Annual leave requests:

Did you know that your employees can simply request annual leave via our job app? You simply click on 'Annual Leave' and then on 'Request' in the app. You can then submit a request. The date should be at least 14 days in the future so it can be incorporated into the rota. After approval from the manager, the employee sees this in the app and it is automatically processed in R&R WFM. This prevents unnecessary work.

Annual leave balance:

Do employees regularly ask you what their annual leave balance is? This question becomes redundant when you use the R&R job app. As it happens, employees can see their individual annual leave balance in hours. They therefore know exactly how many more hours they can take. It is so easy! In addition, they can simply submit annual leave requests via the app. You can then approve the request and it appears in R&R WFM automatically.


An employee can change his availibility in the app.When this happens, the information will be automatically processed in R&R WFM with an alert in the schedule. This message will be shown after the change for three days.

The availibility of the employees will be managed in the screen 'Standard availability' in the software. A message will be shown when the employeees isn't available. This makes scheduling easilier and clear, because you have insights which employee is available and which employee will not be available.

Activate the R&R job app:

The R&R job app is available for both Android and iOS. You can simply download the app via the App store or Google Play Store. Over 62,000 people have already done so. Do not forget to update this app regularly because we are constantly busy with optimisation and expansion of the app. The R&R job app can only be used if it has been activated for your organisation.

Want to know more or to activate the R&R job app? We would be delighted to show you how our R&R job app works. Contact us with no obligation via

We are happy to provide input in terms of what we can do for you, your organisation and your employees. We would be delighted to inform you of all the options and give you a demo.

R&R job app

  • Over 62,000 app users
  • Optimal communication with employees
  • Involve employees in the planning process easily

R&R job app

Communicate with employees easily via a single app. Over 62,000 employees now use this app.

Current rota.

Employees have a convenient insight into their own current rotas. Changes to the rota in the interim? No problem. These changes are reflected in the app too.

Swap shifts.

Employees can swap shifts easily with the approval of the manager. This makes it easier to arrange cover for shifts.

Share school timetables.

School-going employees can share their school timetables via the app so managers know exactly when they are available.


Employees can share their availability via the app. This is automatically processed in R&R once approval has been received from the manager.

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R&R job app

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R&R job app