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R&R Time.

By using R&R Time, you will obtain insight into the actual worked hours of each employee at an individual department level.

Do you want to easily obtain insight into your employees' worked hours? You can, using our time registration system, R&R Time. By using R&R Time, you will obtain insight into the actual worked hours of each employee at an individual department level. Here's how. Employees clock in when they arrive and then clock in at the relevant department or task. When they go home, they clock back out. It is as easy as that. If you would also like their break times to be registered, rest assured; that is possible too.

Moreover, the system will be fully integrated into our R&R WFM software, ensuring that the worked hours are automatically processed at the individual department leven, simplifying your administrative processes and preventing errors in your payroll administration. It also allows you to easily view the registered hours and the payout data side by side, which is useful at both the formula and the individual store level. R&R WFM also provides you with a live overview of which employees are present at which departments, allowing you to provide immediate direction on the workfloor as needed. In short, R&R Time ensures administrative ease and contributes to optimum deployment of labour by letting you know exactly which employees are present at which departments at all times and whether this is in line with the schedule.

If you choose R&R Time, you will receive the following package:

  • Wireless time and registration units (clocks)
  • Clock keys for your employees
  • Repeaters to reinforce the signal
  • Intelligent software

How will you benefit from the use of R&R Time?
  • it prevents errors in your payroll administration
  • It provides insight into departments' productivity
  • It provides insight into each employee's attendance record, current department, and worked hours
  • You will be able to see at a glance which employees are present at your store or any of the other stores
  • It provides real-time reports to allow you to obtain insight into productivity and processes
  • It ensures live monitoring of the presence and deployment of your employees
  • It allows you to better manage labour costs

Additionally, R&R Time can be adapted in accordance with the needs of your particular organisation. For example, you can choose between clocking in and out per cost centre or per working site. You are also able to choose from a range of standard colours for your lock keys, opting for the one that best fits your formula. You will pay a one-off fee for the clocks, clock keys, and repeaters. Your recurring annual costs will amount to no more than your software license.

R&R Time

  • Wireless time registration system
  • Gain an insight into the hours worked by employees easily
  • Fully integrated with R&R

R&R job app

Communicate with employees easily via a single app. Over 80,000 employees now use this app.

Current schedule.

Employees have a convenient insight into their own current schedules. Changes to the schedule in the interim? No problem. These changes are reflected in the app too

Swap shifts.

Employees can swap shifts easily with the approval of the manager. This makes it easier to arrange cover for shifts.

Share school timetables.

School-going employees can share their school timetables via the app so managers know exactly when they are available.


Employees can share their availability via the app. This is automatically processed in R&R once approval has been received from the manager.

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