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Easily gain an insight into when and where employees need to be scheduled to work.

The rota shows employees’ schedules for each week. The chart provides a visual representation of when employees need to be scheduled to carry out planned tasks. Employees can thus be scheduled to work at the right time and the right cost.

  • R&R WFM takes overtime rates, availability, sick leave, annual leave and the Working Hours Act into account
  • A useful insight into where and when employees need to be scheduled to work

R&R job app

In addition, employees can simply request annual leave and share school timetables and availability in the R&R job app. Once school timetables and/or annual leave have been approved, these are automatically incorporated into the schedule. Availability is also incorporated into the schedule. You thus have an insight into which employees need to be scheduled where and when, and which employees are available.

Once the rota has been approved, employees’ schedules are automatically transferred to the R&R job app. Employees therefore always have access to their current rotas for the week in question.

R&R job app


  • Gain an insight into where employees need to be deployed easily
  • Collective labour agreement, regulations and legislation are checked automatically
  • Share the rota easily with the R&R job app

R&R job app

Communicate with employees easily via a single app. Over 62,000 employees now use this app.

Current rota.

Employees have a convenient insight into their own current rotas. Changes to the rota in the interim? No problem. These changes are reflected in the app too.

Swap shifts.

Employees can swap shifts easily with the approval of the manager. This makes it easier to arrange cover for shifts.

Share school timetables.

School-going employees can share their school timetables via the app so managers know exactly when they are available.


Employees can share their availability via the app. This is automatically processed in R&R once approval has been received from the manager.

R&R clients:

R&R job app

R&R in the food service industry

R&R job app