Personal data storage

We will only collect your personal data if you have agreed to the cookie notice. After you have agreed, we collect the following data:

  • Name (first name and surname), address and email address if provided upon registration for an event or the newsletter.
  • Visitor behaviour

All personal data will be saved. The retention period for commercial law and tax purposes will be taken into account.

Use of the personal data

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • The best possible use of our website;
  • Registration and administrative handling of your subscription to the newsletter or participation in an event of your choice;
  • Execution of an analysis to optimise our website;
  • Providing advice on our products and services;
  • Answering your questions and sending you additional documents or information, if necessary;
  • Logging on to our software.


We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a simple, small file sent along with the pages of the website and saved by your browser to the hard disk of your computer. The information included can be returned to our servers with any next visit.

We use different types of cookies. The permanent cookie is one of them. We use it to remember your preferences for the website, so that you do not need to repeat your preferences when visiting the website again. You can remove permanent cookies through the settings of your browser.

In addition, we also use so-called session cookies. These show us which parts of the website you viewed during your visit, enabling us to tailor our services to our visitors’ surfing behaviour in the best possible way. These cookies are automatically removed when you close your web browser.

We also use tracing cookies when you accept cookies. Our advertisers use these cookies to find out who visits which pages in their networks. Based on your surfing behaviour, adverts will be shown that match your profile, so that they are as relevant as possible.

In addition, a cookie is placed on our website after you have accepted cookies from the American company Google.  It is used for their Analytics service and Google Maps. We use this service to keep track of and receive reports on how our visitors use the website. Google may provide third parties with this information if it is legally obliged to do so, or insofar as third parties process this information on behalf of Google. We have no influence on this. However, we have given Google permission to use the obtained Analytics information for other Google services.

The information Google collects is anonymised where possible. Your IP address is expressly not provided. The information is transferred and saved by Google to servers in the United States. Google states that it observes the Privacy Shield principles and that it is affiliated with the Privacy Shield programme of the American Ministry of Trade. This means it observes an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.

More information about enabling, disabling and removing cookies can be found in the instructions and/or with the aid of the Help function of your browser.

Newsletter and newsletter database

With our newsletter, we inform those interested about relevant news on our products and services. We only add your email address to our newsletter database if you have registered via this website or if you have bought one of our products and/or services.

Data you provide on registration will only be used to personalise the newsletter. You can easily change data by clicking on the “Change data” link at the bottom of the newsletter. You can easily unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Further information regarding privacy

If you would like like any further information about your privacy or if you have any specific questions regarding your privacy rights, you can always contact us. If, for example, you want to know which personal data we have about you, we will provide you with the relevant information and make this data available to you for inspection. If certain data is incorrect and you are unable to change it, we will correct it for you.

You can also ask R&R WFM to delete data with regard to your registration for events and/or subscription to newsletters. Please note that there are rights that you always have, but that other rights will depend on a specific situation. This means that in some cases we cannot or even may not comply with your question or request.

Please contact us at:

Kruisboog 42
3905 TG Veenendaal

T +31 (0)318 58 28 28

Ch. of Comm. 09177823
VAT 8188.39.946.B01

Data protection officer

Our data protection officer advises us and supervises our compliance with the privacy laws and regulations. Our officer is listed in the register of the Personal Data Authority. If we overlook anything, or if you have a suggestion, or if you disagree with our handling of your privacy, please inform our officer. If in spite of everything you are not satisfied and you believe that we process your personal data in breach of the privacy laws and regulations, you can submit your complaint on the Personal Data Authority website.

Contact the data protection officer at:


Changes to the privacy statement
This privacy statement can be changed by us. Any changes will be implemented on this website.

Version 3.0 dated 27 August 2018