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Frequently Asked Questions R&R Job App

  • For which versions of iOS and Android is the R&R Job App suitable?

    The R&R Job App can be used from iOS 14 and later versions and from Android 8 and later versions.
    Make sure your phone (OS) and your apps are always up to date.

  • I get the error message "Web page not available" when logging in, how do I fix this?

    We recommend setting Google Chrome as the default browser on your phone. Click here for an explanation on how to do that. If you already have Google Chrome set as your default browser, make sure you have the latest version on your phone.

  • I forgot my password, how can I request a new one?

    In the R&R Job App login screen, click on 'forgot your password'. Enter your username here to receive a new password by e-mail. Your username is the e-mail address you used to log in the first time.

  • What is my user name for the R&R Job App?

    Your username is the e-mail address on which you received the invitation e-mail. This is the e-mail address that is or was known in R&R. Do you have a different email address? Then your username is still the e-mail address you used to log in the first time.

    If you don't remember what e-mail address that is, you can ask your manager to send you an invitation again.

  • I select 'forgot password' but do not receive an e-mail to reset the password.

    Possibly the e-mail ended up in your spam/junk folder. With a Gmail account, in many cases the spam folder is a "hidden" folder. In Gmail, in the search function, use the search "label:spam jobapp". After this, the email will probably come up.

    Have you recently created a new email address? The "forgot password" email is sent to the email address you received the R&R job app invitation to. That may be a different email address than your current email address.

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