Information security / ISO 27001


As technology and information play an increasingly important role for people and organisations, the security of information is becoming increasingly important. The risk and threat of cyber-attacks and data leaks are increasing. That is why we at R&R WFM see information security as one of our top priorities. We therefore commit ourselves to a strict information security policy.

R&R is fully officially ISO 27001 certified, for both the WFM software and the entire organisation. According to NEN (Netherlands Standardisation Institute, national body that develops and manages ISO standards) companies with the ISO 27001 certification meet all requirements around information security. With this, we demonstrate that we deal with (sensitive) information safely and with integrity across the entire breadth of the organisation.

ISO 27001 is the standard for information security

ISO 27001 is a globally recognised standard in the field of information security. The standard describes how to deal with the security of information in a process-oriented way, with the aim to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information within the organisation. This includes the protection of personal and/or company data, protection against hacking and burglary. (Source:

Ready for the future

With the ISO 27001 certification, we show that we have our information security in order and that we are therefore a demonstrably reliable partner for our customers. Now and in the future. Because the ISO standard requires not just a one-off audit, but continuous awareness and compliance with the rules and processes. For optimal security of information. Of course, there are also periodic checks and new audits to evaluate and keep the information security at an optimal level at all times.

Privacy and Security Officer R&R: Perry Bruins

Perry Bruins is privacy and security officer at R&R. He deals with the full spectrum of information security.

Responsible disclosure

At R&R, we believe that the security of our systems is very important. If you have found a weak spot in one of our systems, please let us know so that we can take action as soon as possible. We would like to work with you to better protect our customers and our systems.

Read more about responsible disclosure and how we want to work with you to best protect our systems.

Additional information on information security and ISO 27001

Upon request, we can provide additional information about our information security policy and ISO27001. Think of the certification and declaration of applicability. Please contact Perry Bruins( for more information.

Workforce management and information security

Does your organisation face challenges in the areas of labour costs, productivity, planning and/or scheduling according to laws and regulations? Or do you have issues in the area of workforce management and information security? Then contact us for an exploratory meeting, free of obligation. We will be happy to tell you how our WFM software and services contribute to smarter staff planning, results and to meeting the high demands of information security.