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R&R product update 7 April 2022

Every month we publish an update on interesting developments and improvements in our WFM system R&R. In this edition, attention is paid to, among other things, availability management, calculation of paid holidays, viewing and managing users, list of leave requests, an impression of the upcoming new navigation and bug fixes and quality improvements. 

Bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements

In the past month, we have not been idle and have implemented several bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. These changes are all aimed at making your daily interaction with R&R even smoother. Among other things, we have implemented the following changes:

Calculation of paid holiday hours

From now on, it is possible to have the advance payment for hours worked on a public holiday calculated on the basis of the number of hours worked divided by 12 weeks. Previously, there was only the option to have the hours worked divided by the actual number of weeks worked. This is therefore the default setting.

Reference: CLA foodstuffs Article 7 paragraph 1b.

Overview and management of availabilities

As reported in the March newsletter, the overview and management of availabilities will be released in April. For the sake of completeness, here is the full announcement again.

During the migration to our new R&R user interface, we did not immediately include the functionality to maintain availabilities. After the necessary improvements in user-friendliness, we are convinced that with our new availability screen we can support your organisation better than before. The new screen provides at-a-glance insight into the availability of your staff and allows you to adjust it where necessary. Of course, this is fully integrated with the availabilities of the R&R Job App, so the input of the employee is processed in the same overview. This means that you always have an up-to-date overview of the availability of the entire workforce.

See below for an impression of this new look at availability. This feature will be launched in April.

Announcement: adjusting attendance pattern

In the payout module, the employee's attendance pattern can be adjusted manually. Until now, this adjustment was always applied, the manager responsible for the payment had to keep track of the attendance pattern every week from then on.

We are going to change this, soon the attendance pattern will only apply to the week in which it is changed. It is expected that this change will go live from the beginning of April.

Viewing and managing users

Recently, the new login screen went live, which was an important first step towards what we are now working on: seeing and managing users. Soon we expect the first concrete step of that to go live, an overview of users who have access to the chosen shop. This will give you direct insight into which users have access to your shop's data.

In the near future, we expect to add the option of inviting a new user to R&R and thus giving him access to the selected shop. This will soon make it possible for our customers to manage users themselves.

Impression of user overview

Announcement: list of leave requests

In the past year, R&R switched to a visual display for viewing and managing leave requests. To better support you in the process of requesting leave, we will soon add a list view. This will support both the ability to see at a glance the staffing levels in a particular period, as well as the ability to see at a glance the leave requests that are to be processed (or have been processed recently).

We are working hard to deliver this addition before the summer holiday rush.

Announcement: new navigation

The navigation bar in R&R is going to move. By moving the navigation to the side of the screen, it will become easier to navigate quickly through R&R and the structure of the application will become clearer. In addition, this will free up more space for what really matters: the functionality of R&R. More data will fit on one screen, such as more employees in the roster.

This change is expected in the second half of this year. See below for an impression of the new navigation. Please note that the icons are still missing in these impressions.

Cockpit new navigation (fictitious)
New navigation bar (fictitious)

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