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Working at R&R? Read about Mart's experiences and development

Mart Meijnen has an important role within R&R as a consultant. He is involved as a project manager with several major customers, knows the workforce management software and the processes from A to Z and is an important link between the organisation, technology and the customer. In an interview, Mart talks about his role and about the steps he has taken within the organisation.

From trainee to consultant

Mart started at R&R as a graduation trainee and has experienced a strong and rapid development. During his business administration studies, he worked as a team leader in a supermarket and in this capacity already had quite a bit of knowledge of and experience with R&R and the processes in and around the shop. After a successful internship and completion of his studies Mart received the offer to come and work at R&R as a customer success manager.

In this role, he went to work on the first implementation of a new customer. Despite some setbacks, it was a very instructive project. After that, Mart became strongly involved with R&R's major customers. The high level of customer orientation and the background in retail helped a lot.

As bigger and bigger projects came along in which Mart was involved or responsible for, his impact in the organisation increased rapidly. I scored a lot of credits because we got things done quickly. If you keep your promises, that generates a lot of trust.

Due to these rapid developments, substantive knowledge and good performance, Mart was able to quickly grow and make the step to consultant.

Within R&R there is a culture of knowledge. It's fine to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. That suits me very well. 

The future of R&R and Mart's role as a consultant

When we ask Mart about the future of R&R, he mentions a number of things. We must become even more professional as an organization. That is also in the personal development of employees. In addition, communication is an important point of attention'. Mart would also like to make a contribution to improving project management as a whole.

R&R has developed strongly as an organisation in several areas, but there are always opportunities for further improvement. We must always remain critical of our processes and systems. That's what I'm here for.

Will you be our new colleague?

We invest heavily in developing and maintaining knowledge and skills. This is very important for us to keep innovating. This also offers our employees opportunities to grow within your job or towards another great position within the organisation.

Mart's strong development shows this in practice. At R&R we are always looking for good, new colleagues. Are you, like Mart, a driven consultant? Or do you see yourself developing into a consultant? Then you might be our new colleague. Curious about your possibilities within R&R? Then contact us without obligation or apply directly via our working at R&R page.

Did you know that you can also submit an open application? In addition, we are always open to an informal introductory meeting. We would like to meet you to get to know you and discuss the options. 

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