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We want to help our customers and users optimally. Can't figure it out yourself and/or is the answer not in our frequently asked questions? Our experienced support staff are ready to assist you. We can be reached on working days from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. Customers can report incidents and see their status 24/7 via thecustomer portal.


Frequently asked questions - see if the answer to your question is listed here:


  • When I navigate to R&R I immediately get an error message at the login screen.

    Most likely you are using the wrong shortcut to R&R's login page. The URL contains a section that is only valid for a limited time.

    Check the shortcut and change it to

R&R Job App

  • I lost my e-mail to activate R&R Job App. How can I activate R&R Job App now?

    Your manager can send you a new e-mail with a new password.

  • I forgot my password, how can I request a new one?

    In the R&R job app login screen, click on 'forgot your password'. Enter your username here to receive a new password by e-mail. Your username is the e-mail address you used to log in the first time.

  • I select 'forgot password' but do not receive an e-mail to reset the password.

    The e-mail may have ended up in your spam/junk folder. With a Gmail account, the spam folder is often a "hidden" folder. Use the Gmail search function to search for "label:spam jobapp". After that, the email will probably come up. Have you recently created a new email address? The email from 'forgot password' is sent to the email address where you received the invitation from the R&R job app. This can be a different email address than your current email address.

  • The R&R Job App does not recognise my new e-mail address when I want to log in.

    Your username is the e-mail address you were registered with in R&R when you received the invitation e-mail. If you can't remember which email address that is, ask your manager to resend you an invitation.

  • What is my user name for R&R Job App?

    Your username is the e-mail address on which you received the invitation e-mail. This is the e-mail address that is or was known in R&R. Do you have a different email address? Then your username is still the e-mail address you used to log in the first time.

  • For which versions of iOS and Android is the R&R Job App suitable?

    The R&R Job can be used from iOS 12.0 and later versions and from Android 7.0 and later versions.

  • My 'hours worked' are not correct.

    In 'Hours worked' you only see the hours you worked in the shop, no holiday or sick hours. The net hours worked are shown, without breaks. You can look back a maximum of 7 weeks. If the hours are not correct, please contact your manager.

  • How can I synchronise my schedule with my calendar? Or stop synchronising?

    Click on the symbol at the top right of the grid screen and select "Mail instructions". The mail will give you your personal URL which you can use to set up a synchronisation. To withdraw the sync from the R&R job app, click on the symbol in the top right hand corner of the timetable screen and then select "Withdraw". Please note: We cannot guarantee that your shifts will arrive correctly and automatically in your personal calendar. You remain responsible for checking the latest schedule data in the R&R job app yourself.

  • Can I install R&R job app twice on one smartphone?

    No, this is not possible. However, you can use one app with several accounts. To switch between accounts, log out with one and log in with the other.

  • When logging in, I receive the error message "Web page not available". How do I solve this?

    The cause lies in what default browser you have set on your phone. We recommend setting Google Chrome as your default browser. See the link below for how to do that. If you already have Google Chrome set as your default browser, make sure you have the latest version on your phone.

  • How do I delete a submitted school timetable in the R&R job app?

    This is not possible. Submit a new school timetable for the same week(s) or contact your manager, who can delete it.

  • Can I also use R&R job app with a Windows/Huawei smartphone?

    R&R job app is only developed for iOS and Android. The latest Huawei smartphones do not have access to the Google Play Store, therefore it is not possible to install the R&R job app.

  • Is it possible to cancel my service package?

    No, you cannot cancel a service offered via the app. Your manager can do this for you via R&R.

  • Why can I not offer a scheduled service in all cases?

    There is an outward offer time that is set up according to company policy. By default, it is set to 48 hours before the scheduled shift. Previously requested (and rejected) services cannot be requested again. Non-productive services (e.g. cleaning) and services at another location cannot be offered either.

  • How do I find a replacement for my scheduled shift?

    Go to the main screen and click on Schedule. Select the service to be swapped. IOS: use a swipe action to offer this service for swapping. Android: use a "longpress" to offer this service for swapping.

  • Can I decide who takes over my service?

    No, after offering a service the system will automatically search for available colleagues who comply with the company policy. These colleagues will then receive your shift request.

  • Why can I only enter my school timetable in quarters?

    In order to process your school timetable, it is necessary to round off your school times to quarters.

  • Why can I no longer submit a school timetable for the current week?

    The school timetable can no longer be entered for the current week. Only for whole weeks in the future.

  • How do I inform you that I have a school holiday?

    You can indicate this by not entering a school timetable for the week(s) in question. If you want to enter a school timetable from week 1 to 15 and week 8 is a holiday, then you enter two school timetables. One for week 1 to 7 and one for week 9 to 15.

  • Can I see who I am working with?

    You can only see your own schedule. This is due to privacy reasons.

  • How do I apply for leave?

    Go to the main screen and click on Leave. Then click on the Requests tab. Click on the plus (+) sign to enter a new request. Enter the start date, which must be at least 14 days in the future.

  • When is my leave balance updated in R&R job app?

    The leave balance in R&R job app will be updated as soon as your supervisor determines the payout in R&R.

  • Why can't I apply for leave next week?

    The deadline for requesting leave is according to the company's own policy. It often varies between 2 and 4 weeks. Please contact your supervisor for this. Ad hoc leave requests within the specified time frame always go through your supervisor.

  • Can I withdraw a leave request?

    It is only possible to withdraw a leave request that has not yet been approved via the R&R job app. For IOS: this can be deleted with a swipe. For Android: it can be deleted with a "long press". Please contact your manager to withdraw an approved leave request.

  • Is it possible to see my break times?

    As of version 5.3 (release 18-5-2017) the break time is now shown in the timetable. Please update the app via the Appstore or the Playstore.

  • Why can't I choose another type of leave?

    Not being able to choose the type of leave is a deliberate choice. Unpaid, special leave and "time for time" hours must be agreed with your supervisor. However, it is possible to add this as a remark to the application.

  • I get the error message: User name and/or password incorrect. What should I do?

    Your username is always the mail address where you received the mail with login information. If the password appears to be incorrect, try copying and pasting it. After you have logged in, you will be asked to choose a new password. Here you will have to enter the temporary password again.

  • I am unable to download the R&R Job app from the Google Play Store / App store.

    The R&R Job app is available in a number of countries. You can download the app in the app store of:

    • Belgium
    • Croatia
    • France
    • Turkey
    • Austria
    • Germany
    • Luxembourg
    • Netherlands
    • Poland
    • Suriname
    • United Kingdom

    In addition, your phone must meet the minimum version of Android or IOS.

Multi factor authentication (MFA)

  • What is MFA?

    Multi factor authentication (MFA) is an additional security measure for securing accounts against, for example, hacks or phishing attacks. It provides an additional protection by asking a user to confirm via a second factor that they are trying to log in. This prevents hackers from simply logging in, as access to the second factor (verification method) is also required.

  • How does MFA work within R&R?

    The additional verification step to log into R&R is through the use of an Authenticator app. After logging into R&R with a password, you will be asked to enter the code provided by the Authenticator app.

  • How can I set up MFA for my R&R account?

    When you log in, R&R asks if you want to configure MFA. If you choose to do so, you will be taken to the following login screen. The steps to follow are as follows:

    1. Download the Google or Microsoft Authenticator app

    2. Scan the bar code in the screen (or insert the authentication key)

    3. Enter the 6-digit code

    4. Click on "Verify.

  • Which authenticator apps are supported by R&R?

    R&R supports both the Google Authenticator and the Microsoft Authenticator. Both can be downloaded from the App Store / Google Play store:

    Google Authenticator:
    Google Play store
    App store

    Microsoft Authenticator:
    Google Play store
    App store

  • Can I use email, text or a phone call as an MFA method?

    No. R&R currently only supports the Microsoft and Google Authenticator. It is significantly more difficult for hackers to take over someone's phone than to gain access to a phone call, SMS or email account.

  • Does R&R require users to set up MFA?

    At this time, R&R does not require users to use MFA. R&R does offer MFA to its users by asking after login if you want to set up MFA.

  • My organization uses Single Sign on (SSO), is MFA still a requirement?

    For organizations using SSO, logging in from MFA is not applicable. Logging in goes through another system from which you get directly into R&R. MFA will need to be set up for accounts that do not use SSO, however.


  • How does the forecast work?

    Based on historical data of sales, units and/or customer flow, a forecast is made for a future week. Based on this forecast, hourly budgets can be allocated so that efficient planning can be made.

  • Should I always make a forecast?

    Yes, in order to make the best use of R&R we do recommend this. However, this can be done in different ways. This depends on the set-up of R&R. The set-up determines whether you need to make an extended or abridged forecast. You can also go through a growth path in which you start with an abridged forecast process and later switch to the extended variant.

  • When should I make a forecast?

    The hours budget resulting from the prognosis is the basis for drawing up the schedule. We advise you to make a prognosis at least 3 weeks in advance. However, you can deviate from this and it depends on your own planning process and internal agreements.

  • When determining the forecast, I get the error message. How do I solve this?

    An error message when determining the forecast is usually resolved by creating the department forecast first. It may happen that the Distribution of budget hours in the department forecast is not fully distributed for a department. If you establish the departmental forecast per department, you will often be able to see here for which department there is still an error. After this has been resolved, you can establish the forecast in its entirety.


  • When do I communicate the schedule?

    This depends on your own planning process. However, this must be in accordance with the CAO.

  • When do I make a schedule?

    We recommend that the schedule is established no later than 3 weeks before the start of the shifts so that there is still time to adjust the schedule where necessary on the basis of feedback from employees. However, the timing also depends on your own planning process and internal agreements.

  • What do I see in the schedule?

    A work schedule is a representation of personnel planning. It provides insight into which employees are scheduled at which times and in which department. The work schedule also includes reports on any surcharges or scheduling outside of the applicable collective labour agreement (CAO), legislation and regulations. You also get insight into whether the time budget is being met on the basis of the forecast, the expected wage costs and the turnover per hour (OPU) to be achieved.

  • Can I adjust a schedule at any time?

    The timetable can be changed up to and including the current day. When an established timetable is changed, it becomes an up-to-date timetable.

  • How do I communicate the schedule?

    You can easily communicate the roster through the R&R job app. On this app, employees always see the most up-to-date roster. Of course you can also choose to print out the roster.

  • How does a schedule work?

    In the schedule, you can adjust the staffing in the various departments to ensure that there are not too many, but also not too few hours. The hour budget from the forecast forms the basis for achieving optimal planning.

  • Is it possible to use the software only for scheduling?

    R&R is a complete solution, therefore it is not possible to use only the scheduling module. All the steps in the planning process are interlinked. However, you can determine the extent to which you use certain components.

  • Who makes the schedule?

    You can determine this yourself and it also depends on who is responsible for this within the organisation. By means of authorisation, it is possible to give someone rights for this and this is therefore freely configurable.


  • How does the realisation work?

    Realisation keeps track of which shifts have been worked. The roster forms the basis for this, possibly supplemented with data from an external time registration system. This gives you a quick insight into whether the hours worked correspond to the rostered hours. It is also possible to correct any deviations.

  • What can I do with the realisation?

    You get insight into the difference between what you had planned and what was actually realised. The realised hours can be corrected where necessary and form the basis for payment.

  • Who corrects the realisation?

    Within R&R, it is possible to authorise who may correct the realisation. Normally this is the department and/or branch manager.

  • What impact does the realisation have?

    In order to properly control costs and hours, regular monitoring of the daily deployment of employees is important. In the realisation, you can check whether the hours realised correspond to the planning made and the needs of the customers and the business process.

  • Can realised hours be automatically processed in R&R?

    Yes, this is possible if you use R&R Time. This is our own time registration system. If you use another time registration system, we will be happy to see if it is possible to connect it to R&R via our standard link.

  • Can I adjust the realisation at any time?

    You can adjust the realisation until it is finalised. After the determination of the hours worked, you can arrange the payment. In the payment, final corrections can be made if necessary.

  • What do I see in the realisation?

    Realisation shows the scheduled, the clocked and the realised hours. Clocked hours are of course only shown if there is a link with the clock system. Realised hours are the hours actually worked. These hours can be adjusted by the department and/or branch manager.

  • When do I correct the realisation?

    As soon as a realised service is closed, it can be corrected. This is possible until the realisation is established, after which it cannot be corrected.

  • What does the realisation do?

    The realisation shows in one overview the scheduled, possibly clocked and realised hours. This makes it easy to check the hours worked.


  • Can I adjust the payout at any time?

    Yes, you can always change this. However, we advise you to do this within the salary period.

  • What does the payout do?

    This is a representation of the hours realised, supplemented with information on allowances, overtime, leave and illness. Together, these hours form the basis for the payment of your employees' salaries.

  • When do I correct the payment?

    It is possible to make corrections until the payout is determined and exported to the payroll processor.

  • How does the payout work?

    On the basis of the CAO, all types of hours are mapped out. This makes it clear which contract hours have been worked, whether there is overtime or additional work and which surcharges apply. Absence hours are also processed. It is also possible to make corrections. This data can be sent automatically to a salary processor by means of a link.

  • Who corrects the disbursement?

    Within R&R, authorisation can be given as to who may correct the payment. Normally this is the branch manager/business manager.

  • What do I see in the payment?

    In the payment, an overview is shown per employee that provides insight into hours worked, overtime hours, overtime hours, leave hours and sick hours. In case of deviations it is possible to look at the hour structure on a detailed level and make corrections if necessary.


  • What does an interface do?

    Within R&R, data is used that may also be available in external systems. With an interface, this data can easily be passed from one system to R&R or from R&R to another. This depends on the type of interface you choose.

  • Does an interface meet all safety requirements?

    Yes. We only exchange data that supports R&R. All data is exchanged using encrypted connections and industry standards.

  • How does an interface work?

    An interface is used to exchange data. Two types of interfaces can be distinguished; Incoming is intended to import data from external systems into R&R. This might include HRM systems, for example. Outgoing interfaces are intended to export data from R&R to external systems. These include systems of salary processors.

  • Who is responsible for the interface?

    R&R is responsible for the correct operation of the inbound or outbound interface. We are in constant dialogue with our interface partners to ensure that it continues to work properly.

  • How long is the data kept from the interface?

    All data within R&R are subject to the defined retention period. This data is automatically deleted when the retention period is exceeded.

  • Can it be linked to other systems?

    Yes, a link can be made with several systems. These include HRM, POS and time registration systems. You can also link various payment systems.

  • Are back-ups made of the interface and its data?

    All data stored by R&R, including interface data, is backed up nightly.

  • What can I do with an interface?

    Within R&R, we have made it possible to link various systems with our software. This prevents duplicate work and reduces error proneness. So we help you with your administrative work.

  • Who maintains the interface?

    The interfaces supported by R&R are also maintained by R&R. We ensure that they continue to work as described in the agreements and guarantee that we continue to use the latest security technology.

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