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R&R Job App: developed specifically for your organisation and your employees

Optimal communication and easily involvement of your employees in the planning process using one app.


R&R not only offers workforce management software for smarter planning, but also an app to make it easy to communicate with employees about their shifts. Our R&R WFM software can easily be expanded with the R&R Job App.

This app was developed specifically for you and your employees. With the R&R Job App, it becomes easy to involve your employees in the planning process. This contributes to your employees’ satisfaction, motivation and productivity. So far, our app has more than 117,000 active users and is available in the App Store (Apple) and on Google Play (Android). The R&R Job App is a complete personnel planning app with time registration and communication options, in which everything is organized centrally.

R&R Job App

The complete workforce management process and communication with employees. All available via one central and well-arranged app. This offers many advantages for managers and employees.

  • Employee self-service

    Via the R&R Job App, employees can arrange many things directly themselves.

  • Swap shifts with approval of the manager

    Via the app, services can be offered to exchange or take over.

  • Communication with employees

    Via the R&R Job App, employees are immediately informed of important matters via notifications.

About the R&R Job App

117K Active users
iOS Download from the App Store
Android Download from the Google Play Store

Key features

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More than an app for workforce scheduling

The R&R Job App gives employees direct access to their personal schedule. The app makes it easy for them to submit annual leave requests and view their current leave balances. If employees are unavailable for a scheduled shift, they can submit a request to swap shifts. Colleagues can then respond via the app. The manager makes the ultimate decision as to who takes over the shift. In this way, you keep control over the schedule with our planning app.

In addition, school-age employees can pass on their school timetable via the app. In short, everything in one central location. The R&R Job App contributes to proper communication and coordination with employees.

Employee self-service

It is important that employees have some autonomy over and involvement in their scheduling. This offers many advantages in terms of employee satisfaction. The R&R Job App provides for this by offering the following options:

  • Submit availability, it is also possible to load a school schedule
  • Easy access to the current schedule
  • Swap shifts with approval of the manager
  • A simple way to arrange a complete leave request
  • Always an overview of the current leave balance
  • Notifications keep employees informed of changes in their schedule
  • Employees can easily see their hours they have worked for the past seven weeks
  • Send messages to employees as a supervisor. The employees receive a notification of this in the app.
  • Offering shifts to employees from the WFM system

Detailed description of the functionalities of the R&R Job App

On the basis of the descriptions below, we would like to explain to you how the R&R Job App works in practice.

Current work schedule

Would you like to effortlessly provide employees with an overview of their schedules? Then our R&R job app is the answer. As soon as you have decided the schedule for your employees in R&R WFM, it is automatically posted on the R&R Job App.

Employees can then view their own schedule for the relevant weeks. Have any changes been made to the schedule in the meantime? No problem. The app automatically implements these changes to the schedule, and always provides employees with access to the most up-to-date schedule.

School schedule

Do you have school-age employees or those who still attend school? These employees can simply import their school schedules into the R&R job app and amend them when and if necessary.

The app automatically calculates how many hours per day a student can work based on their school schedule. Also, you will know when an employee is available and when they need to attend school.

Shift swap

Do employees regularly ask to make changes to their schedules? With our app, it becomes easy for employees to swap shifts themselves. This can be implemented up to 72 hours before the start of their shift. The app automatically checks whether there are employees available to take over the shift, and who also meet the necessary criteria.

Those that meet these criteria and are available will receive a request from the employee. They can then indicate whether they wish to take over the shifts. The manager will receive an overview of all employees willing to take over the shift. A check is carried out as to whether these employees comply with the Working Hours Act regarding the relevant shift.

Based on this, you can select the employee best placed to substitute the other employee, or you can simply decline the employee’s request. This is then automatically processed in R&R WFM and communicated to your employees.

Offer and exchange R&R services

Request leave

Did you know that it is easy for your employees to request leave via our job app? Just click on ‘Leave’ and then on ‘Request’ in the app. Next, submit your request. The date should be at least 14 days in the future so that it can be incorporated into the schedule. After approval from the manager, this will be viewable in the app, and is automatically processed in R&R WFM. All this prevents unnecessary work.

Requesting R&R leave

Leave balance

Do employees regularly ask you about their remaining leave balance? This question becomes redundant when you use the R&R Job App, as employees can see their own up-to-date annual leave balance in hours. They will know exactly how many more hours of leave they can take. It’s that easy! They can also simply submit annual leave requests via the app. Their manager can then approve the request, and it automatically appears in R&R.

Report availability

If an employee changes their availability in the app, then this is automatically shown in the software through a notification, and an alert is included in the schedule. This message is shown for 3 days after the change was made.

Employee availability is managed in the ‘Standard Availability’ screen in the software. If an employee is not available, a message is displayed in the schedule. This makes scheduling easier and more transparent, as you will have a clear overview of all the available and unavailable employees.

Hours worked

Do you regularly get the question from employees how many hours they have worked in a specific week? In the R&R Job App, employees can view their hour registration themselves. Up to a maximum of 7 weeks back. They can see the hours worked after these have been finalised in R&R WFM during payment.

Not only can employees see the start and finish times in the summary for the days worked, they can also see the net hours they worked on a particular day. If any information is incorrect, this can be amended by the department head or manager in R&R. After the relevant week has been revised in R&R WFM, it is also automatically corrected in the employee’s R&R Job App.

Clocking in the R&R Job App

Proper timekeeping is essential for an effective workforce management and scheduling process, as well as correct payroll processing. From R&R, we offer two forms of timekeeping: 'clocking' via hardware units and timekeeping (clocking) via the R&R Job App.

Timekeeping through the Job App has several advantages over using hardware clocks. Using an app greatly increases the accessibility of timekeeping. While clocking, employees can immediately see what time they are scheduled until and in which department. In addition, this feature is available on smartphones, allowing all employees to clock in from their own departments rather than having to go to the physical clocks. From April 2024, we will introduce the concept of geofencing, which allows employees to clock in and out only in and around the store. This helps ensure that employees cannot accidentally clock in or out from other locations.

Finally, the use of clocks in the Job App provides not only an easy to maintain option, but also significant convenience. Physical hardware clocks and the use of drops are no longer necessary. This saves installation costs and the time clocks are automatically updated with the latest updates. No hassle, and employees are happy with it.

When clocking in via the R&R Job App:

  • Clocking in employees is very easy from any department without having to walk past a central point.
  • Have employees have instant insight into scheduled hours and see which department they are scheduled in.
  • Can employees easily switch between departments without walking past a physical timekeeping system first, and can clock their breaks digitally.
  • Geofencing allows clocking in and out only in and around the store.
  • Are no initial investments, depreciation and maintenance of hardware required.
  • Is there no more hassle with clock badges that often get lost, for example.
  • Can fix malfunctions or problems remotely.

Download the R&R Job App from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android)

In short, using the R&R Job App makes for more pleasant work processes and increased employee engagement. By increasing flexibility, transparency and efficiency, the app is not only beneficial to employers, but also offers great convenience and insights for employees.

Our app now has more than 100,000 active users and is available in the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store (Android). The R&R Job App is a complete personnel planning app with time registration and communication capabilities, in which everything is organized centrally. Very conveniently arranged.

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