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Albert Heijn Groen (multifranchise)

More insight into the processes, improvement of the shops and better results.

These are just a few of the great results that AH Groen (Albert Heijn multifranchise) has been able to achieve with the help of R&R.

The entrepreneurs Robin Groen and Dennis Groen are joint owners of the beautiful Albert Heijn shops (in combination with Gall&Gall and Etos) in Almkerk (since 2004) and Strijen (since 2015). They have both gained extensive knowledge and experience in supermarket organisations and everything that comes with it from the start of their careers.

We spoke with Robin and Dennis about their experiences with R&R workforce management and the personal guidance and optimisation provided by Stef van Dijk, business consultant at R&R. In an extensive interview, the Albert Heijn entrepreneurs went on to talk about the various challenges, the results of good workforce management and the distinctive character of R&R.

Start planning with R&R workforce management

'We once started with the first version of R&R through the AH organisation with the shop in Almkerk. Later, in 2015, we added our - at the time new - shop in Strijen. At the start, we did too little with the software. There was a need for deepening, but we didn't always know how to do that exactly. That's when we ended up in a guidance project run by Stef van Dijk (WFM business consultant at R&R). With Stef's help, we set to work on implementing continuous improvements. We've been doing this for about five years now, to our great satisfaction and with excellent results.

"With Stef's help, we set to work on making continuous improvements. We have been doing this for about five years now to great satisfaction and with excellent results."

Robin Groen and Dennis Groen Entrepreneurs/owners AH Groen

Why workforce management?

A good WFM tool is important for the entire planning process and the entire organisation. Without a good tool like R&R, you don't have certain essential insights. Especially the ability to properly analyse the demand for and the supply of work, and to coordinate this with each other, is of great importance. You are always looking for the right capacity for each moment. R&R's WFM tool is a great help in this.

If you take the right actions based on the information and the insights generated by the WFM system, you simply have a good planning and you also get clarity and calm in the organisation. This is very important, because it really has an impact on the organisation and the shops in general. You also gain confidence in the system when you actually see and experience that calm and regularity in practice. That works much better for everyone.

It also has an impact on the customer experience, that they enter a shop where there is a good staffing level at the right time. Customers can do their shopping smoothly and staff are always ready to help them.

"If you take the right actions based on the information and insights generated by the system, you just have good planning and you also get clarity and calm in the organisation."

Robin Groen and Dennis Groen Entrepreneurs/owners AH Groen

The development and results of WFM for AH Almkerk and AH Strijen

The results of deploying the workforce management system R&R and Stef's support are very favourable. In the first place in terms of labour costs and productivity. But also through cost awareness, the employability of the various employees and the timing of the work. When is the right moment for the customer and for us to carry out certain activities? For example, when do we want to receive and process the cargo?

This not only resulted in savings, but also made a great contribution to a good shop. The shops were getting better and better, and of course the customer sees and feels that too. By using R&R's WFM system, we have found a good balance in making good choices in the field of workforce management and a good shop. The system gives us the insights to make the right choices.

Stef's guidance and knowledge has been very helpful. Stef comes from the supermarket world, has a lot of knowledge of the market and of R&R's WFM system. Gaining insights is one thing, but what actions you need to take is even more important. With Stef as our trusted business advisor, we can discuss this properly. Stef also knows what is going on in the outside world and the market and looks at it from an outside-in perspective. In this way, we look at the organisation from the inside and from the outside and we can continue to improve.

For us, it also helps to always have a 'big stick' in this way. In order to keep giving workforce management and making the right choices the attention it needs. Situations are constantly changing and changes are also occurring within the organisation. With the high speed of change, you need to stay sharp at all times. If you don't do that for a while, you'll see it watered down in time and that will be visible in the results.

At one point, for example, we saw an increase in labour costs at the shop in Strijen. We then drew up a plan together on how we were going to turn that around. We took a good look at the processes. Which activities do we perform at which moment? After the necessary improvements, you also saw a turning point. The managers started to look at the planning differently, there was more awareness of the process and the shops improved noticeably.

"The managers started to look at the planning differently, there was more awareness of the process and the shops got noticeably better."

Robin Groen and Dennis Groen Entrepreneurs/owners


Many supermarkets have difficulty finding employees. In Almkerk we have not had any problems so far recruiting staff. In Strijen it is sometimes more difficult. Some working hours are more difficult to fill. Especially in the weekends. So that's a challenge sometimes.

The long term

As mentioned before, we have to deal with many internal and external developments. That is one of the reasons why you are never finished. The Albert Heijn formula changes continuously and technological developments follow each other in rapid succession. This has consequences for our entire organisation and shops.

By continuing to analyse well, staying sharp and taking the right actions, especially in the event of changes, you ensure that everything remains on track. In this respect, the powerful WFM system, combined with the personal guidance, also offers a lot of added value for our company. The fact that a specialist can take a look at our operations from time to time, who also has a somewhat broader perspective, is a major plus point. Stef is really seen as a kind of colleague or partner, who is certainly not a stranger to our organisation. We find that very pleasant to work with.

You enter into cooperation on the basis of a commitment to results. With a view to a long-term partnership and mutual commitment. We have really gained confidence through the good results, the guidance and cooperation and the click with Stef.

"We really gained confidence through the good results, the guidance and cooperation and click with Stef."

Robin Groen and Dennis Groen Entrepreneurs/owners

The excellent results at Albert Heijn Groen:

2 Greatly improved shops
More Insight in processes
191 Satisfied employees

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WFM business consultancy

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