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ALDI Netherlands chooses R&R WFM

ALDI chooses R&R

ALDI Netherlands chooses R&R an effective and efficient deployment of employees in its 500 stores and associated distribution centers with a total of more than 10,000 employees in the Netherlands. The discounter is one of Europe's largest Retail organizations and has been active and successful in the Netherlands since 1973.

The reason for the cooperation was the replacement of the old time registration system. ALDI would like to concentrate on its core business and cleverly outsource other specialist matters, such as time registration.

In the tender issued by ALDI, R&R WFM best matched their wishes and ambitions. The continuous monitoring of progress towards strategic goals is of crucial importance. We are proud to have been chosen as a partner. We are convinced that we will achieve the desired results. Our goal is to have 'the right employee doing the right job at the right time at the right cost'.

In recent years, R&R WFM has developed into a fully-fledged cloud provider with European ambitions. R&R has grown rapidly and is now active in four countries. This is partly due to the investments in our cloud platform and the long-term cooperation with our customers. These form a crucial basis in the development of our product portfolio, which must always contribute to: Convenience, Simplicity, Insight, Direction and Innovation.

With R&R WFM ALDI chooses for:

We are very much looking forward to our cooperation with ALDI in the Netherlands!

Does your organisation face challenges in the field of labour costs, productivity, planning and/or legislation and regulations? Then contact us for an exploratory meeting, free of obligation. We will be happy to tell you how our WFM software and services contribute to smarter employee planning and results.

Stef van Dijk
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