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Tailor-made strategic WFM advice

We are happy to help you with strategic WFM advice and optimisation. The R&R business consultant helps with the deeper understanding and optimization of R&R and the entire planning process.

Have you been using R&R WFM for a while and believe you could get more out of it? Our R&R business consultant will help you not only to increase and optimise your knowledge of R&R, but also with the entire planning process. Together with you and your team, our business consultant will get to work. The WFM business consultancy can provide a performance scan, a more in-depth program, an optimization program and a one-year subscription to our consultancy. A fully tailor-made program is also an option.

Key features

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Start with a performance scan

Every project starts with a performance scan. With this scan, the store/company gains insight into the use of the modules within R&R: 'Forecasting', 'Scheduling', 'Realisation' and 'Payment'. This is followed by a recommendation from the consultant in the area of customer satisfaction, productivity and/or labour costs. This scan gives you more insight into the modules of R&R, but it also offers you more insight into the course of the processes so that you can adjust them.

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Process improvement with the optimisation track

Do you want to focus more on results and on the process? Then choose the optimisation program. This involves taking a close look at the ‘right employees’ and the ‘right KPIs’.

By means of a performance monitoring, which takes place at three moments, it is examined how the processes improve during the process. The optimisation process consists of a performance scan and three progress meetings with performance monitoring.

Gain insight into the processes with the in-depth programme

Do you and your team want more insight and practical tools for the deployment of R&R WFM? Then choose the deepening trajectory. This programme takes 13 weeks and starts with a performance scan.

Following the scan, the business consultant pays a visit to the store(s). During this first visit, the theme 'right work at the right time' is discussed. You can then get to work on this for a number of weeks. In week 3, the consultant visits you again. The focus is then on the 'right work at the right time with the right employee'. So an in-depth element is added to the use of R&R WFM in combination with the processes in the shop.

Finally, the consultant will visit you for a third interview where the focus is on 'the right work at the right time with the right employee at the right cost'. After 13 weeks you will have more insight and you will be able to get more out of R&R WFM because you have more knowledge and insight. The in-depth programme consists of a performance scan and three progress meetings.

Opt for comprehensive advice with an annual subscription

Do you think a 13-week in-depth programme is too short? Then choose an annual subscription. You and your team will be personally coached by our consultant for a whole year and you will receive tailor-made advice based on performance monitoring.

During the year, your trajectory can be adjusted according to the insight obtained. Our business consultant will also pay several visits and hold progress interviews. This way you know exactly what is going on in your store(s), where you can adjust and how you can use R&R WFM in this.

The annual subscription consists of the following components:

  • Performance scan
  • 6x progress review
  • 3x performance monitoring

"Smoothly running processes bring more efficiency and calm to the organisation. If there is peace and calmness, employees enjoy their work more and that has an impact on everything".

Peter Peels Scheepers Retail Group

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