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Smart scheduling with R&R workforce management (WFM): the right employee in the right place at the right time, at the right cost. Our workforce management software helps retail and food organizations schedule employees intelligently and gives users insight into productivity and labor costs, among other things. A complete overview, in other words.

Our smart WFM software consists of the following components:

Workforce planning

The right employee, at the right time, in the right place, at the right cost and on for the right kind of work.

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Time registration

Insight into the hours worked per employee at departmental level.

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Leave registration

Leave registration, reporting availability and swapping shifts can be arranged easily and simply via R&R.

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R&R Job App for employees

Optimal communication and easily involvement of your employees in the planning process using one app.

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R&R Insights

R&R Insights provides strategic and data-driven insight into your workforce management and store performance.

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R&R offers standard interfaces with many well-known HR, payroll and cash register systems.

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WFM business consultancy

The R&R business consultant helps to deepen and optimise R&R and the entire planning process.

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R&R training courses

With our training courses, your employees are always up to date and get the best out of R&R.

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Taking action based on data

The insights into productivity and labor costs, among other things, enable managers and business owners to manage, take action and make changes in the process for better business results based on up-to-date data. All this is done according to contractual agreements, laws and regulations and the desired level of service. We have thought of everything.

R&R KPI dashboard overview

On the other hand, our workforce management system provides the ability to communicate with employees through a simple and user-friendly app. As a result, employees always have insight into their schedules, personal information and salary payments. They can also specify their availability, offer shifts, swap and more. The result? More autonomy and engagement for employees, transparency and natural clarity in the employee scheduling process.

Our smart workforce management software and related services consist of several modules that collectively form a whole for controlling and directing the entire process.

Complete workforce management system

A good workforce management package enables your organisation to focus on its core business. R&R is an extensive and complete package that fulfils your WFM needs in the right way:

  • You make better decisions, because you always have insight into what is important.
  • A more productive organisation, because staffing and capacity are optimal.
  • Peace of mind in the organisation because the processes and expectations are clear.
  • Satisfied employees who enjoy working together and helping customers for the best result.
  • Satisfied customers who experience a high level of service.
  • Grip on labour costs and the performance of the shop(s).
  • One central point for all information prevents extra work and saves time.
  • You always work according to the laws and regulations and ensure that personal data is kept safe.
  • You are always well prepared and can make quick decisions when the situation demands it.

The benefits of R&R by type of organisation and employee

The workforce management process has an impact on the entire organisation and virtually all employees. That is why we have listed the benefits of R&R per organisation and the benefits of R&R per type of employee. This allows you to see at a glance what benefits workforce management will bring to your organisation and employees.

Collaborations we are proud of:

ALDI chooses R&R

ALDI Netherlands

Smart scheduling, higher engagement and more management information. ALDI Netherlands is achieving good results by deploying R&R workforce management.

Albert Heijn Groen
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Albert Heijn Groen (multifranchise)

More insight into the processes, improvement of the stores and better results through the use of R&R.

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AH logo

Scheepers Retail Group (AH multifranchise)

Major savings on labour costs, more control over operational processes and a strong improvement in productivity.

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Edeka logo

Edeka Sullau

The challenge for Edeka Sullau was to review the staff planning process and fine-tune the workforce planning process for this site, as well as for four other sites.

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Jumbo logo

Jumbo Hilversum

Every day, Jumbo Hilversum wants to fulfil its promise to the consumer. The challenge is to prove that they offer the ultimate service.

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