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Interfaces to R&R WFM system

R&R offers standard interfaces with many well-known HR, payroll and cash register systems.

The IT landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Organisations use ever more systems. A good, automatic interface between the different systems is of great importance. This way, you automate manual processes and prevent double administration and errors. Moreover, you want to make the best possible use of the available data and the insights it provides.

R&R offers standard links (interfaces) with many well-known HR, payroll and POS systems. Think of AFAS, Loket, Nmbrs and EasySecure. These interfaces are successfully used daily by our customers and have proven themselves in practice. See our partner page for more information.

Key features

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Management interface

R&R has a management interface that exports data to Datawarehouses/BI solutions. Via the management interface, data can be sent during different stages of the process in R&R. This data is important for controlling and analysing the operation. For example, it concerns turnover data, wage costs, hours (realised, budgeted and scheduled) and more.

Generic interfaces

As standard, we offer a number of generic interfaces that can be connected to. For example, a generic employee interface for HR/payroll systems and a generic time registration interface for clock systems. In many cases, it is relatively easy to connect to these with other systems.

Workload planner (WLP)

R&R can be easily interfaced to Workload Planner (WLP). Workload Planner allows you to match the deployment of personnel to the need for personnel based on, for example, turnover forecast, goods flow and service level.

Collaborations we are proud of:

ALDI chooses R&R

ALDI Netherlands

Smart scheduling, higher engagement and more management information. ALDI Netherlands is achieving good results by deploying R&R workforce management.

Albert Heijn Groen
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Albert Heijn Groen (multifranchise)

More insight into the processes, improvement of the stores and better results through the use of R&R.

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Scheepers Retail Group (AH multifranchise)

Major savings on labour costs, more control over operational processes and a strong improvement in productivity.

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Edeka Sullau

The challenge for Edeka Sullau was to review the staff planning process and fine-tune the workforce planning process for this site, as well as for four other sites.

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Jumbo Hilversum

Every day, Jumbo Hilversum wants to fulfil its promise to the consumer. The challenge is to prove that they offer the ultimate service.

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