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WFM for food organisations

With R&R, you control the integral planning process in your food (service) organisation. Good staffing levels are essential to offering a good customer experience and achieving high productivity.

In R&R, you do not only make the planning. But you also have insight into hours worked, schedules and you can make various comparisons based on insights generated by the system.

WFM for food organisations

By the food sector, we mean the suppliers of 'out of home consumption of food and beverages'. The food (service) market is large and growing strongly. The emergence of convenience concepts, such as delivery and collection of fresh meals, is strengthening the sector. But there are also many challenges.

New trends and technologies are not a positive development for all food suppliers. Covid-19 also had a great impact, of course. Many suppliers had to temporarily close their locations partially (or completely). There are also challenges in terms of attracting and retaining staff, due in part to the large number of jobs on offer. Supermarkets, too, are increasingly turning to food service concepts. This leads to a lot of choice for consumers, but also to fierce competition. These developments paint a picture of a dynamic sector that faces major challenges.

This has a great strategic impact on the organisation and the process. It is also important to have the right tools at hand. R&R helps with the planning of employees, make decisions based on labour costs and productivity, among other things. So that you can deploy the right people in the right place, at the right time and at the right cost.

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Master the integral planning process in your food (service) organisation

Insight into hours worked, rosters and making comparisons based on insights generated by the system are of great importance. This also helps with correct payments. We can also relieve you of other concerns by linking our software to various remuneration packages and HRM systems. In short, employee scheduling, labour cost management and productivity management become simple and clear because you keep insight in your business process.

Our knowledge of workforce management and the processes within the food (service) sector means we know what is important to be successful. We want to be a strategic WFM partner for our customers, helping them to achieve their business objectives in the best possible way. We see our customer relationships as collaborations in which we strengthen each other. This is reflected in our database of successful, loyal and enthusiastic customers.

In our vision, a good WFM system and process must fit seamlessly with the business objectives of your food (service) organisation. After all, it is not just planning software, but an integral process to arrive at better choices and results.

A good WFM system and partnership is fully aligned with the strategy and objectives, and enables the organisation to implement, evaluate and adjust the strategy appropriately.

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What do our customers say?

"R&R's workforce management tool provides us with important information to make better choices for the customer experience, employee satisfaction and the company's bottom line."

Peter Peels Director Retail
Branches - R&R

"At present, 335 department managers are proactively making the best choices on a daily basis because you have provided them with the right tools, insights and handles. This gives peace and strength to the people and strengthens the whole organisation."

Henk van Ingen WFM expert

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