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R&R Insights. Make measurably better decisions.

R&R Insights provides strategic and data-driven insight into your workforce management and store performance.

Good insights let you know how your organisation is performing and where improvements are still possible. For example, you can compare the performance of departments and shops and make measurably better decisions based on your own data.

Key features

R&R Insights

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Insight into performance and results

Data plays an increasingly important role within organisations. Also in the field of workforce management. R&R Insights gives you concrete and direct insight into the performance and results of your shop(s) via a clear dashboard. This will also give you insight in the quality and points of improvement of the workforce management process within your organisation. The dashboard provides you with insight into various variables and also allows you to compare them with each other. This way, you know immediately how your shops are performing and you can make adjustments where necessary on the basis of concrete insights into your own data.

In addition, you have insight into performance and totals across multiple shops at various levels and the data can be exported for BI purposes. Periodic advice and an optimisation discussion with an experienced business consultant are also possible.

Grip on the organisation and labour costs

You already use R&R to get a better grip on payroll and the planning process. R&R Insights gives you even more relevant insights and opportunities to further strengthen your grip on the processes. For many organizations, labour costs are the largest cost item to control. Good insights lead to better choices and savings, and that leads to a grip on your costs and returns.

The insights into productivity and labour costs, among other things, enable managers and entrepreneurs to use data to manage, take action and make changes in the process for better business results.

Process control and process improvement

Process control and process improvement is a challenge for many organisations. The efficiency is highest when processes run smoothly and are optimally tuned to each other. R&R Insights helps you to clarify and improve the (results of) organisational processes.

Driving organisational objectives and strategy

Insight into the right data is essential for optimising processes and decision-making. Good tools to manage your organisation's objectives and strategy are indispensable nowadays. The process of staff planning must be well aligned with the strategy of your organisation. Good planning and correct shop occupation are essential for smooth-running processes, employee job satisfaction and the customer experience in the shop. Of course, you also want to keep a grip on personnel costs. R&R Insights offers integral insight into the most important performance variables, so that you know how your shop is performing and which buttons you can turn for further improvement.

Get to know R&R Insights for free now.

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"If you work in a targeted way and use the system properly, savings of 0.5% to 1% on labour costs can be achieved within a year. In addition, more grip on the operational processes quickly leads to a 20% improvement in productivity."

Peter Peels Retail director

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Major savings on labour costs, more control over operational processes and a strong improvement in productivity.

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Edeka Sullau

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Jumbo Hilversum

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