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WFM for retail

R&R has extensive knowledge and experience in WFM for retail. We have a lot of retail knowledge and experience in-house. With more than 1,600 stores on our cloud platform, our WFM software is successfully used in practice by large organizations on a daily basis. Our system and processes are therefore fully attuned to these requirements.


Thanks to our specialist knowledge of retail, we know exactly what is important and the specific needs which must be fulfilled by workforce management.

For example, in addition to general requirements such as efficiency and productivity, there are specific requirements within retail which must be included in the WFM process, such as customer experience, attracting and retaining the right staff, and online or omni-channel integration.

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Knowledge and expertise in retail

From our substantial retail expertise and experience, we are very aware of the factors required for success in this sector. We enjoy playing an important role as a strategic WFM partner for our retail clients. A partnership in which we strongly commit ourselves to their success and contribute to the organization’s business objectives. This translates into many years of partner relationships with a loyal group of clients with whom we have jointly achieved excellent results.

We believe that an efficient workforce management system for retail should be in line with the organization's business objectives and strategy. It must enable the organization to correctly implement the strategy, monitor progress and make changes where necessary.

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What do our customers say?

"R&R's workforce management tool provides us with important information to make better choices for the customer experience, employee satisfaction and the company's bottom line."

Peter Peels Director Retail
Branches - R&R

"At present, 335 department managers are proactively making the best choices on a daily basis because you have provided them with the right tools, insights and handles. This gives peace and strength to the people and strengthens the whole organisation."

Henk van Ingen WFM expert

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