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The benefits of R&R WFM by type of organisation

Each type of organisation has different needs and dynamics. On this page you will find an overview of the generic benefits of R&R and the benefits for each type of organisation.

This page distinguishes between general benefits and benefits per type of organisation, such as branch and chain organisations and (multi-)franchise organisations. Our sector page takes a more in-depth look at R&R for various sectors.

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Generic benefits of R&R for organisations

  • You make measurably better decisions based on your own data, because you always have insight into what is important.
  • A more productive organisation, because staffing and capacity are optimal.
  • Peace of mind in the organisation because the processes and expectations are clear.
  • Efficiency through automation and easy connection to other systems.
  • Central communication of services and rosters in one integrated system.
  • Satisfied employees who enjoy working together and helping customers for the best result.
  • Satisfied customers who experience a high level of service and a good shopping experience.
  • Grip and savings on labour costs and the performance of the shop(s).
  • One central point for all information prevents extra work and saves time.
  • You always work according to company policies and regulations and ensure that personal data is kept safe.
  • You are always well prepared and can make quick decisions when the situation demands it.
  • ISO27001 certified for information security.
  • Continuous development ensures robust software that proves itself in practice every day for more than 1600 shops and 150,000 employees.
  • Full cloud based solution - you pay for use and have no ownership and other TCO costs or issues to consider.


Benefits of R&R for branch/chain organisations

  • Insights and comparisons (internal benchmarks) of several branches, based on own data.
  • One central and integral package that links up with existing systems.
  • Measurably better decisions that deliver financial benefits
  • Staff can be deployed at multiple locations (hiring and leasing).
  • Always the right staff in the shops in a structured way.
  • Standardisation across the chain.
  • We have extensive experience in serving large, leading retail chains and are the market leader in the Netherlands.
  • Dedicated privacy and security officer for information security.
  • A good WFM system and smoothly running processes measurably contribute to the achievement of the business objectives.


Benefits of R&R for franchise/multifranchise organisations

  • Staff can be deployed at multiple locations (hiring and leasing).
  • Faster and easier staff scheduling with the right tools and insights.
  • Fast implementation and adoption with short lead times.
  • Intensive guidance, coaching and advice by experienced experts with knowledge of the industry and business is always possible.
  • We have a lot of experience in facilitating franchisees and franchise organisations. As a result, we know what is required in practice and we ensure good coordination and interaction.

"Getting the right employee to do the right job at the right time at the right cost. That is what you are going to realise."

Stef van Dijk R&R

Collaborations we are proud of:

ALDI chooses R&R

ALDI Netherlands

Smart scheduling, higher engagement and more management information. ALDI Netherlands is achieving good results by deploying R&R workforce management.

Albert Heijn Groen
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Albert Heijn Groen (multifranchise)

More insight into the processes, improvement of the stores and better results through the use of R&R.

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Scheepers Retail Group (AH multifranchise)

Major savings on labour costs, more control over operational processes and a strong improvement in productivity.

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Edeka Sullau

The challenge for Edeka Sullau was to review the staff planning process and fine-tune the workforce planning process for this site, as well as for four other sites.

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Jumbo Hilversum

Every day, Jumbo Hilversum wants to fulfil its promise to the consumer. The challenge is to prove that they offer the ultimate service.

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