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Time registration with R&R Time

For a good workforce management process, it is important to have good timekeeping (time recording). R&R offers time tracking in several forms.


Time registration - R&R

With an accurate time registration system, you get the necessary insight into the hours worked by employees, and you know who worked, where, and when. R&R Time fully integrates with the R&R workforce management system and is available on time recording basis with hardware clocks and software clocks (via the R&R Job App).

With the complete R&R Time registration system, you can easily gain insight into the hours worked per employee at departmental level. Employees register their presence in the department via the hardware clock or via the R&R Job App. At the end of their work time they clock themselves back to absent. If required, breaks can also be recorded in the online time registration system.

Key features

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Time and attendance system

The online time registration system is fully integrated with the R&R WFM system. The attendance information is automatically and directly processed at various levels. This saves time, simplifies the administrative workload, and reduces the risk of payroll administration errors.

In addition, you can easily compare the registered hours with the schedule. This is useful at both store and company level. R&R WFM also allows you to view in real-time which employees are present in which departments, enabling you to implement any necessary changes on the work floor. In short, R&R Time facilitates efficient administration and contributes to optimal productivity, because you know exactly when specific employees are present and in which department, and also whether this conforms with the schedule.

With R&R Time you can choose between physical hardware clocks or software-based clocks in the R&R Job App. The hardware clocks work with wireless time and registration units (clocks), clock keys for your employees, repeaters for signal reinforcement and an integral, intelligent link with the workforce management software. The software-based time registration is very user-friendly for employees because they can easily and quickly record their presence in the app. The employee receives immediate feedback on the action by notifications that the shift has started, paused or ended, in combination with the time of registration.

Grip on the planning process

Good time registration ensures control over the planning process. It is therefore clear that good time registration is of great importance. Within R&R Time, the planning process and the needs of your organization are fully taken into account. The benefits of R&R Time:

  • Prevents errors in payroll administration.
  • Insight into the productivity of the department.
  • Insight into attendance, department and hours worked per employee.
  • Enables management of productivity and labour costs.
  • Real-time reports to gain insight into productivity and processes.
  • Live control over the presence and deployment of your employees in your store or one of the other stores.
  • Central system remembers clock data and transmits battery status information (applies to hardware clocks).
  • Remotely upgradable by R&R (applies to hardware clocks).
  • Fully secured connection.

Adaptable to the needs of the organisation

In addition, R&R Time can be adapted to the wishes of your organisation. You can choose whether you want to clock in by cost centre or by work location.

With hardware clocks, you can choose from a number of standard colours of clock keys. This way you choose the colour of the keys that best suits your store formula. You pay once for the clocks, clock keys and repeaters. You only pay annually for the licence of the software.

With software clocks, you only pay for the licence. So you have no maintenance costs or possible hardware problems. This makes software clocking very user-friendly with a very low management burden for your organisation.

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