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Get a grip on your shop processes and staffing with the right planning tool

Create a staff schedule as effectively as possible with our work force management tool. We tell you more.

Nowadays, it can be very difficult for organisations to gain sufficient insights to plan their staffing as effectively as possible. Especially in supermarkets, this can be a common challenge. Of course, you want to perform the right tasks at the right time. But who do you deploy to do this? And is that the best choice, given the labour costs? The right planning tool helps you to draw up your staff schedule effectively and cost-efficiently.

Why is grip on your shop floor occupation especially important now?

Due to tightness in the labour market, it is very difficult to find staff. Also for supermarkets and organisations within retail. In addition, keeping a grip on shop processes is very important. You have to deal with many internal and external developments and constantly changing situations. Grip on your activities, staffing and staff planning thanks to the right planning tool makes a big difference:

How do you get a grip on your staff planning with a planning tool?

It is therefore important as an organisation to choose a smart planning tool that suits the needs of your company and the demand within your organisation. This tool will help you make the right choices for effective staff planning. This requires making choices based on good analyses. However, this is only possible if you have the right insights at your disposal.

The work force management tool, R&R's planning tool, provides these insights based on work demand and supply. For example, the more experienced (and therefore relatively more expensive) employee can be effectively and efficiently deployed on tasks that suit his or her functionality. By using a planning tool that meets the needs of your organisation, you can focus on your core tasks and customer orientation instead of having to deal with time-consuming peripheral issues.

How R&R can help you with the Workforce Management Tool

R&R's workforces management tool ensures that your employees are always scheduled for the right work at the right time, in the right place and at the right cost. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we have already provided many organisations at home and abroad with our planning tool. These organisations benefit from many advantages that our workforces management tool brings:

Case: Scheepers Retail Group

When your staff planning is designed more effectively, you will notice that there are soon big advantages to be gained from a planning tool. This is also the approach we took for Scheepers Retail Groep:

"If you work in a targeted way and use the system properly, savings of 0.5% to 1% on labour costs can be achieved relatively easily within a year. In addition, more grip on the operational processes quickly leads to a 20% improvement in productivity".

Peter Peels - director retail

Want to read more about our work and excellent results for Scheepers Retail Groep?

Download the case of Scheepers Retail Groep here

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