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R&R product roadmap 2023

Periodically, we publish an update on interesting developments and improvements to our WFM system R&R.

However, we would also like to take you through the future developments and expectations for the year 2023 in the form of an outline roadmap. That's why you can read our outlook for this new year here. We are looking forward to taking new steps in the further development of R&R, so that we can offer your organization even more added value. 

Foundation for further development

It is important to mention that the roadmap is indicative and we cannot offer any guarantees, on both the features to be developed and the timing of delivery. Software development is a complex process and we can always face unexpected circumstances. We want to deliver a robust and stable package at all times and therefore quality is our highest priority. 

However, R&R, as an entire organization, is committed to achieving the roadmap. The goals of the roadmap all contribute to important themes and lay a foundation on which we will continue to develop in the coming years. 

Roadmap 2023

Flexibility is more important than ever. Circumstances are constantly changing, so being flexible and able to respond quickly when the situation calls for it is only becoming more important. This is especially true when we look at the workforce. Employees are demanding more and more flexibility from employers and have an increasing need for involvement in the (planning) processes. Matters that were traditionally handled from a hierarchy are increasingly determined based on a dialogue between employer and employee.

With this as an important starting point, R&R has chosen the main theme of flexibility, with employee engagement as a sub-theme, for the 2023 roadmap. In 2023, we aim to add more flexibility to the processes supported by R&R and to create a platform that facilitates communication between employer and employee in an accessible way.

Facilitating dialogue between employer and employee requires a simple way to communicate with the employee. For this purpose, we will adapt the R&R job app. This process starts with user surveys and a design phase. During Q2, we will transfer the existing functionality of the job app to the new, required technology. During Q3 and Q4 this, in combination with new features, will be launched. 

In addition, we are going to work on the ability to adjust projected sales and resulting budgets, during the current week. This will allow you to better respond to current developments. We are also going to develop a new method of scheduling and handling leave. These features are expected to be delivered in phases during the second quarter. During the first quarter, a number of users will be involved in the concept development. 

In our product updates, we communicate in more detail about completed items, as well as features to be expected. We announce major changes in advance. So keep a close eye on the product newsletter and share any important information within your organization. Or send them the following link to subscribe to the newsletter: 

We are confident that with this approach and fulfillment of the roadmap we are creating new value for our users and laying a good foundation for future developments. We look forward to a good and successful year.


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Mark Taling - Product Owner

Mark Taling - product owner R&R
About the author Mark Taling

As a product owner at R&R, I am responsible for the functional development and strategy of our software. My goal is to provide our users with the best possible experience, both in the short term and in the future.

As a former developer and architect within R&R, I have extensive experience with how our products work and the processes they support. I now use this experience not only to keep our products up-to-date, but more importantly to continually innovate for a better user experience!

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