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R&R product update 24 August 2022

Twice a month we publish an update on interesting developments and improvements to our WFM system R&R. In this edition we focus, among other things, on store features in R&R Insights, downloading the view in R&R Insights as an Excel sheet, an update regarding the renewed navigation, limit on file format for FTP services and bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

R&R Insights - property columns

Ever since the introduction of filters in R&R insights, you can filter on properties of the stores (or other types of organizations or locations, such as DCs). This week we take the next step: showing these properties among your data! From now on, it is possible to choose the properties in the column selection and show them in the table, thus allowing you to sort on them as well. Since the properties are currently all shown as text, a line graph wouldn't say as much. Therefore, we have provided these new columns with a bar graph to show the distribution of the values across the stores.

R&R Insights - add properties columns

Would you like insight into more properties of your stores? You can add these yourself in the 'Store Properties' screen:

R&R Insights - download

The most requested feature of R&R Insights goes live on Thursday: the ability to download the view in R&R Insights as an Excel sheet.

Press the Excel icon (see screenshot below) to download the current view as an Excel sheet. By applying the free column selection and filters, you can shape the file to your own needs.

When downloading, you can indicate whether you want to fill the sheet for printing or reporting purposes, or whether you want to automate further on it. This way you always get the sheet that best suits your needs.

Renewed navigation: update

Some time ago we informed you about the renewed navigation within R&R. At the moment the development is in full swing. We expect this change to be made available in the fourth quarter. Below is the text from the initial announcement:

The navigation bar in R&R is going to move. By moving the navigation to the side of the screen, it will be easier to quickly navigate through R&R and the structure of the application will become clearer. In addition, this will free up more space for what really matters: the functionality of R&R. More data will fit on one screen, so you can show more employees in the roster and more.

The screenshots below give you a good impression of what the new navigation will look like:

Reminder: FTP - limit on file format

For users of our FTP services for the purpose of a link for POS or HRM data, for example, as of September 1, 2022 we are reducing the limit on the size of files to be uploaded to a maximum of 10 MB. We are doing this to limit possible abuse of the system in the event of a leaked password.

At the moment we don't see any files over 10 MB popping up. Do you think your link requires this? Please contact after sales to increase the limit on your account.

Bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements

In the past weeks our teams have been busy fixing bugs and making (small) quality-of-life improvements. These changes are all aimed at making the daily interaction with R&R even smoother. We have implemented the following changes, among others:

Temporary promotion: get acquainted with R&R Insights for free now

Make measurably better decisions based on insights from your own data. R&R Insights provides strategic and data-driven insight into your workforce management and store performance. Good insights and data visualizations let you know how your organization is performing and where improvements are still possible. For example, you can compare the performance of departments and stores and make measurably better decisions based on your own data. R&R Insights is fully integrated within the familiar R&R environment. 

Because we are convinced that the data-driven insights of R&R Insights offer a lot of added value for your organization, we would like to introduce you, as a valued customer, to the many possibilities of R&R Insights in an accessible way:

Later this year we will launch a new, complementary module to R&R Insights: 'in depth'. This will allow you, in addition to the previously mentioned Insights functionalities, to 'zoom in' per store at the departmental level and compare the insights of the different departments with each other. 

Interested in learning more about R&R Insights? View all information here or get in touch with your contact. 

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