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R&R product update July 29, 2022

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Twice a month we publish an update on interesting developments and improvements of our WFM system R&R. In this edition we focus on R&R Insights, export overview, additional security measures, file format limit for FTP services and bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, among others. 

Export Overview

We have been busy improving the export overview. This overview is now no longer limited to showing the exports of a single store. In addition, it is now possible to view exports from a specific period.

Update: additional security measures within R&R

In a previous newsletter we informed you about the additional security measures we are taking within R&R. This is now in full swing and many users have now confirmed their email address. The development team is currently busy with multi factor authentication (MFA). MFA will be made available in stages during the coming quarter.

Note: These changes do not apply if you log in with single sign on. If you are unsure if the changes apply to your organization, please contact the service desk.

FTP - limit on file format

For users of our FTP services for the purpose of a link for POS or HRM data, for example, as of September 1, 2022 we are reducing the limit on the size of files to be uploaded to a maximum of 10 MB. We are doing this to limit possible abuse of the system in the event of a leaked password.

At the moment we don't see any files over 10 MB popping up. Do you think your link requires this? Please contact after sales to increase the limit on your account.

More sources added to R&R Insights

After adding a number of new column options at the beginning of the month, we immediately moved on to add even more resources to this. As of Monday, August 1, three different versions of the roster are available in R&R Insights. The current and established roster match the known rosters (current and established) from the roster module within R&R. The new roster version 'Roster (beginning of week)' is only available in R&R Insights.

This new version shows the last version of the schedule before the schedule week started (hence 'schedule beginning of week'). This makes it easier to see how much has been changed to the roster after planning, before the actual realization is available.

These sources are available for the Average FPU, Hours, Payroll, Payroll Percentage and Productivity columns.

Bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements

In the past weeks our teams have been busy fixing bugs and making (small) quality-of-life improvements. These changes are all aimed at making the daily interaction with R&R even smoother. We have implemented the following changes, among others:

Get to know R&R Insights for free now.

Make measurably better decisions based on insights from your own data. R&R Insights provides strategic and data-driven insight into your workforce management and store performance. Good insights and data visualizations let you know how your organization is performing and where improvements are still possible. For example, you can compare the performance of departments and stores and make measurably better decisions based on your own data. R&R Insights is fully integrated within the familiar R&R environment.

With R&R Insights 'multi license' you have extensive data insights at store level. Think of turnover, average KPU, labor costs, labor cost percentage, hours and productivity. In case of multiple stores you can make extensive comparisons between the different stores. You can easily create your own Insights dashboard, so that you immediately have the right insights. The regular price of this module is €30 per store per month.

Below is an impression of a comparison of the realized sales of several stores in R&R Insights.

Because we are convinced that the data-driven insights of R&R Insights offer a lot of added value for your organization, we would like to introduce you, as a valued customer, to the many possibilities of R&R Insights in an accessible way:

Later this year (Q4) we will launch a new, additional module to R&R Insights: 'in depth'. This will allow you, in addition to the previously mentioned functionalities of multi license, to 'zoom in' per store at the departmental level and compare the insights of the different departments with each other. 

Interested in learning more about R&R Insights? View all information here or get in touch with your contact. 

Get to know R&R Insights for free now.

Request R&R Insights


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