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How workforce management can help you with leave requests and leave recording

WFM leave registration.

In any organization, it is important to have leave records in order. After all, it is essential to know who is absent when, so that the workload can be distributed properly and there are no gaps in the schedule. But maintaining leave records can be a time-consuming process, especially if you do it manually.

The agreements you make with your employees around leave are becoming increasingly complex, and for the entire organization you quickly lose track. There are also constant changes that you have to take into account. Few things are as frustrating as a completed schedule that is then adjusted several times due to changes. Fortunately, workforce management (WFM) can help with this.

With workforce management software, you manage all aspects of workforce management, such as scheduling, timekeeping, on and off, leave recording, reporting and payout, in one central place. With the upcoming vacation season, this is a major concern for many retail organizations.  

How can WFM help with leave registration? WFM software can automate and streamline leave registration, saving you time and money as an organization. Here are some ways WFM can help with leave registration:

Real-time overview of leave balances

With WFM software, you always have a real-time overview of the number of leave days an employee has taken and still has left. This prevents employees from taking more leave days than they actually have, and ensures that the schedule is always up-to-date.

Automatic approval

WFM software allows employees to submit their own leave requests, which can then be approved or rejected (automatically) through the WFM system. This saves the manager time, provides clarity and overview, and prevents leave requests from being overlooked.

Automated processing of leave registration

With WFM software, you no longer have to keep leave records manually. The system automatically records employees' leave days and incorporates them into the schedule. This prevents errors and saves time.

Leave planning based on employee availability

WFM software allows you to schedule leave based on the (stated) availability of employees. The system takes into account the leave days already taken and the availability of employees on certain days. This prevents too many employees being absent at the same time and gaps in the schedule. At the same time, you take the availability of your employees into account as much as possible and thus also accommodate their needs. This can have a positive contribution to employee satisfaction.

Reporting and insights

With good WFM software, you can easily create reports on employee leave usage. This provides good insights and overviews that you wouldn't have when you are recording leave manually. This allows you to analyze trends in leave usage and make adjustments as needed. Even better, in many cases you can anticipate upcoming situations.


In an organization, it is important to have leave registration in good order. Manual leave registration can be time-consuming and error-prone. Fortunately, WFM software can help automate and streamline leave requests, granting or denying them and recording and recording them correctly.

Stef van Dijk
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