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Would you like to know exactly what R&R looks like and what you can do with it? Then contact us. We will come to you and give you a demo during which we tell you about all the modules of our WFM software and supplementary services and products such as R&R Time and the R&R job app. Naturally, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about using R&R.
Arnoud Vermazen.
Contact us via the form with no obligation. I would be delighted to provide you with more information about our product and offer input as to how you can use our planning tool in your organisation.

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Does R&R Time meet the requirements of the GDPR?

R&R Time does not process any personal data and/or fingerprints; instead, it uses a registered chip. This chip does not contain any personal data of the employee using it. That means R&R Time automatically meets the requirements of the GDPR.

Can R&R Time interface with other systems?

R&R Time can only be linked to R&R itself. However, we do offer a standard interface option for other time registration systems. We would be happy to check whether your system is compatible with R&R.

Can R&R Time be used as an access control system?

No, R&R Time only serves as a time registration system. The system does not meet the security requirements and lacks the necessary functionalities to be used as an access control system.

Must I use R&R Time?

You are not required to use R&R Time; it is an optional additional product.

When is R&R Time backed up?

The base station stores the clocked times per access key until they have been successfully sent to R&R. If the base station is unable to connect to R&R, it will continue to store the clocked times until the connection has been re-established.