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Would you like to know exactly what R&R looks like and what you can do with it? Then contact us. We will come to you and give you a demo during which we tell you about all the modules of our WFM software and supplementary services and products such as R&R Time and the R&R job app. Naturally, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about using R&R.
Arnoud Vermazen.
Contact us via the form with no obligation. I would be delighted to provide you with more information about our product and offer input as to how you can use our planning tool in your organisation.

Frequently asked Questions

Below you will find our top 5 most frequently asked questions. Perhaps your question is also listed here.
I receive an error message "Web page not available" when logging in, how do I fix this?

The cause is which default browser you have set on your phone. we recommend setting Google Chrome as the default browser.

see the link below how to do that. If you have already set Google Chrome as the default browser, make sure you have the latest version on your phone.

Which IOS and Android versions are supported?

We currently support the following versions:

  • IOS version 12 and higher
  • Android version 7 and higher
Why have I not received an invitation email or an e-mail after I requested one for ‘forgotten passwo

This e-mail may have ended up in your spam folder. Therefore check in your spam folder if this e-mail is here. With a Gmail account, the spam folder is in many cases a "hidden" folder, so there is the experience that the mail has not arrived at all.

A possible solution is to perform the search "label: spam jobapp" in Gmail in the search function. After this the mail will most likely be visible.

Is it possible to cancel my offered shift?

Check with your supervisor for cancelling an offered or accepted shift.

There is a status behind my offered shift, what does it mean?

By status changes you can see what is happening with your replacement request. As soon as you have requested replacement, you see the status 'Requested' next to the shift. When at least one colleague has accepted the request, you will see the status 'Pending'. If your manager approves the request, the shift will be removed from your schedule (and the selected colleague will get the shift). In case the manager rejects the reques, you will see the status 'Rejected'. Also when the replacement is no longer possible, you will see the status 'Rejected'.