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R&R product update May 16, 2023

This edition focuses on leave balances in the roster, display of hours worked in the roster, clocking out from realization, user management, preparations for the new Job App and bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, among others. 

Leave balances in the roster

To provide more insight during rostering, all leave types for which an employee has balance are now available in the selection column in the roster. This eliminates the generic "TvT - time for time" column. Total leave is still available. This is a valuable addition especially for Belgian and German customers.

Leave balances in the roster

Display of hours worked in the schedule

From now on it is possible to display certain counters in the roster based on the hours worked. These can be used, for example, to keep track of the Dutch WAB limits for employees who have to stay within the applicable maximum hours.
The counters show the hours from previously established rosters and payouts in combination with the hours of the opened roster week. To keep the roster clear, the counters can be shown or hidden via the dropdown function as shown in the screenshot below.

Want to know more about the possibilities? Please contact our After Sales department.

Clocking out from realization

Employees sometimes forget to clock out. Unfortunately, you can't always prevent this, but how do you deal with it when it gets in the way of your processes?

From the beginning of next week (week 21), it will no longer be possible to approve the realization for an employee who is still clocked in. If you want to approve the realization of a previous day, there is a possibility to assign an end time to the employee on the spot. This employee is then "clocked out" per the specified time, after which the realization process can continue.

This feature works regardless of which clock system is used, in order to optimally facilitate the realization process.

Clocking out from realization

User Management

If you are not using Single Sign-On, but have registered users in R&R, you can now perform user management in R&R yourself. It was already possible to add users for some time, from now on editing and deleting users is also fully supported.

Don't yet have the ability to manage your own access to R&R, but think you should? If so, please contact our After Sales department.

Preparing for the new Job App

The development of the new Job App is in full swing. Last month, a new version of the Job App was released without any visible changes for the user. Of course, this does not mean that nothing has changed. In order to make the new Job App work well for all users right away, the first technical changes have been made with the recent update.

To give you an idea about the progress of the new Job App: the development of the first screens is progressing well! See below for an impression.

New job app

Bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements

In the past weeks our teams have been busy fixing bugs and making (small) quality-of-life improvements. These changes are all aimed at making the daily interaction with R&R even smoother. We have implemented the following changes, among others:


Do you have any questions in response to the above information? If so, please contact us at and we'll make sure your question or information gets to the right people.

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Mark Taling - Product Owner

Mark Taling - product owner R&R
About the author Mark Taling

As a product owner at R&R, I am responsible for the functional development and strategy of our software. My goal is to provide our users with the best possible experience, both in the short term and in the future.

As a former developer and architect within R&R, I have extensive experience with how our products work and the processes they support. I now use this experience not only to keep our products up-to-date, but more importantly to continually innovate for a better user experience!

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