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R&R product roadmap Q2 2023

R&R product roadmap Q2 2023

Earlier this year, we took you through the future developments and expectations for the year 2023(click here to read it again). In this newsletter, we go more specifically into the fast-approaching second quarter of this year and give an impression of what we are currently working on.

Flexible leave registration

The agreements you make with your employees around leave are becoming increasingly complex, and for the entire organization, you quickly lose track.

One employee has every Friday off for the next eight weeks, another every other week on Thursday, yet another every Tuesday afternoon until the "pot" of overtime is empty. It all makes sense from the employee's point of view, but of course this is a lot of work to keep track of and keep track of properly.

To make this all easier and more insightful, we are going to make it possible to record these agreements when the employee is on leave. We will build and deliver this feature in phases. First it will be possible to record and view these appointments and, in the next release, these appointments will also be automatically processed in the schedule and the realization.

Below is an impression of what this might look like.

Impression repeating leave - R&R WFM

Exporting data from R&R Insights.

Late last year we made it possible in R&R Insights to store your own views so you can easily switch between the different information needs you have.

We understand that for different information needs, the form in which the information should be presented also varies. Sometimes that need is not even in R&R. For those situations, we make it possible to export R&R Insights views to other systems. With a few simple steps, you get data sent to your external system at specific times (for example, after the payout determination). Which systems are we going to support? More on that in the next update.

Are you curious about the capabilities of R&R Insights and how it can help you make better and more targeted choices based on data? Read all about R&R Insights here.

New budgets after forecast

Payroll and hour budgets are determined several weeks in advance to allow for timely planning and publication. The biggest input for these budgets is the expected turnover, which combined with historical data and a standardization results in a number of hours and corresponding labor costs. Of course, between the time the expected turnover is given and the time the week actually starts, all sorts of things can happen that can impact that expectation.

In order to be more responsive to current events, it will be possible to adjust the turnover forecast during the week and calculate new budgets on that basis. The new budgets will then be visible in the schedule as "current budget", the original budget will not be overwritten so that it is always clear on which basis the original schedule was created.

Curious about more details? Then keep an eye on the upcoming newsletters, during the development of this functionality we will keep you updated on the possibilities.

New budgets after forecast - R&R WFM

The revamped R&R Job App is taking shape!

Flexibility and employee engagement are important themes we want to facilitate with R&R. We previously communicated that - in order to support the dialogue between employer and employee in a simple way - we are going to modify and improve the R&R Job App. We have now started building the new app. Below you will find a preliminary impression of the development. We will keep you informed through the product updates on the site and the newsletter.

Impression of new R&R Job App

Thinking along with the development of new features in R&R?

Want to contribute to the roadmap? We are constantly testing our ideas with users. Before we start building new features, our UX designers talk to users to determine how we can best shape the new feature. Care to provide input on that? Let us know and we'll invite you to participate in user testing of future features.


Do you have any questions in response to the above information? If so, please contact us at and we'll make sure your question or information gets to the right people.

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Mark Taling - Product Owner

Mark Taling - product owner R&R
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As a former developer and architect within R&R, I have extensive experience with how our products work and the processes they support. I now use this experience not only to keep our products up-to-date, but more importantly to continually innovate for a better user experience!

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