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R&R product update 5 May 2022

Product update R&R

Twice a month we publish an update on interesting developments and improvements in our WFM system R&R. In this edition, attention is paid to, among other things, clocking in the R&R Job App in combination with R&R Time 4, leave overview, DATEV payroll export and quality-of-life improvements. 

Bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements

In the past weeks our teams have been busy fixing bugs and making (small) quality-of-life improvements. These changes are all aimed at making the daily interaction with R&R even smoother. We have implemented the following changes, among others:

New R&R Job App is live!

Our new Job App is live! The R&R Job App has been provided with several bug fixes and usability improvements. A few employees using an Android phone ran into problems logging in. This is easily solved by updating the "Google Play Services" app to the latest version.

Impression renewed R&R Job App

Clocking in the R&R Job App in combination with R&R Time 4

From now on, time registration via the R&R Job App ('clocking in the app') can be combined with a physical time registration system* in a shop. This functionality makes it possible to try out time registration via the app without having to switch the entire workforce to clocking via the R&R Job App. 

Because time registration via the R&R Job App only has support for productive clocking, this is only applicable in shops where productive clocking is used (clocking in, clocking out and break clocking). We expect to offer clocking in by department via the R&R Job App later this year.

*At the moment we only support the R&R Time 4 systems supplied by R&R. R&R Time 3 and other systems will follow soon.

Leave overview

The development team has started building the leave overview. This overview will enable the user to assess leave requests in one overview. The delivery of this overview is expected this quarter.

DATEV payroll export

In recent years, we have added export options for many Dutch payroll systems. We have now reached the stage where the first German payroll export is in development. We expect to give an update on this in the near future.

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About the author Jasper

Jasper is marketing manager at R&R and responsible for all communications. He writes regularly about WFM and various trends and developments.

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