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R&R product update 02 April 2024

Product Update April 2

This edition focuses on geofencing when clocking in the app and registering an original start date on a disease.

Geofencing at clocks in the app now available

We announced it two weeks ago, but now it's really here: Geofencing is available! Do you use time registration via the R&R job app and want more certainty about where your personnel clock in? Then get in touch to have geofencing enabled.

Wondering how geofencing works? Here's a little refresher:

How does it work?
Within R&R, Geofencing is used to check whether an employee is authorized to clock in at a specific location. For each physical location in R&R, one GPS coordinate can be set where clocking in can be done.

When an employee opens the R&R job app and goes to 'Clocking', the app will check to see if the phone is within the designated radius of one of the physical locations. If it is, the button to clock in will be available. If it is not, a notification will be displayed that the employer has indicated that clocking in can only be done at work. This check only takes place when an employee clocks in. For clocking out, clocking in on break and changing departments, no check is made for geolocation. The R&R job app only determines whether an employee may clock in, but does not use geolocation to determine where an employee worked. The location shown in the realization is still determined based on scheduled roster shifts.

What about privacy
R&R values the privacy of its users. For this reason, geofencing is designed so that the user's location information is not stored and shared. On the phone, location-based checks are made to see if an employee is allowed to clock in. If so, the button for clocking becomes visible and only clock times are forwarded to R&R. So we are effectively sending all allowed locations to the phone, rather than requesting the user's location. This means that users' geolocation is never forwarded to R&R. 

It will be possible shortly after the release to exclude an employee from geofencing via the employee card. This employee can then use clocks in the app as if no geofencing was set up. This ensures that you can still allow employees who do not have a (working) GPS on their device or have legitimate objections to using the location, to clock in instead of having to fall back on the roster, for example.

Registering an original start date on an illness

It has recently become possible to record an original start date during disease registration. This original illness start date is used to determine the length of the illness. In addition, the waiting day determination is also done based on this entered date.

Determining the length of illness affects reports. These will better reflect the actual illness picture. In addition, if someone has also been sick shortly before, a waiting day may not be granted to the employee.

The advantage of this is that already closed illnesses can be more easily "extended" by registering a new illness with an original start date. R&R considers this new illness, outside the determination of length and waiting days, as a separate illness.

Quality improvements R&R job app

You may have noticed, recently many new versions of the R&R job app have been made available through the app stores. In these versions, new features have been added but we have also worked on stability. Google and Apple regularly adjust the requirements for apps, we also adjust the R&R job app accordingly.


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Hiska Boelema - Product Owner 

About the author Hiska Boelema

In my role as Product Owner, I ensure that customer requirements are translated into features in our software. The user experience and transpiration are paramount. In addition, my focus is to better facilitate communication between employer and employee.

Before I started working as Product Owner, I first got to know R&R from my role as After Sales consultant. Besides getting to know our software as a user, the necessary customer questions and daily operational challenges passed by. This gave me a solid picture of where our software can be improved to support the user in the best possible way!

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