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R&R product update Feb. 26, 2024

This edition focuses on the comfort of ATW rules in R&R, the new ATW controls and the right insights R&R Insights.

The comfort of the ATW rules in R&R

The Working Hours Act (ATW) is an important part of scheduling with R&R. During scheduling, violations of the ATW become immediately visible. When an employee is assigned a shift that is too long or when an employee gets too few days of rest, notification is shown immediately.

A violation of the ATW results in a warning* to the user in R&R. But you can make it even more comfortable! You can also make ATW violations block during scheduling. Then, if you want to schedule an employee when it violates the ATW, you get a blocking notification. This shift can then also not be saved. As a result, you no longer have to think about the ATW when scheduling. A violation of the ATW can therefore no longer occur in the scheduling process.

In order to optimally meet the needs, we will make it possible to set up a warning or blocking function for each ATW rule. This gives you control over which ATW rules absolutely may not be scheduled and which rules you want to be more flexible with.

An exception to the WAB for 15-year-olds

In addition to the ATW, the Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB) is also included in R&R. The WAB affects on-call workers and is intended to give this group more security. As a result, on-call workers will have to be offered a minimum of 3 hours of work because they are entitled to wages over a minimum of 3 hours. Scheduling a shorter shift will result in a warning or blocking.

In contrast, the Working Hours Act prescribes that a 15-year-old may work a maximum of 2 hours. This makes the WAB and ATW conflicting for a 15-year-old on-call worker.

By making the choice between warning and blocking the WAB rule for 15-year-olds separately possible from the other ages, you will soon be able to choose which of these above rules you consider more important.

Additional additions ATW rules in R&R

In addition to the current set of rules that are in R&R, we plan to include additional rules. This means that we will issue a warning for underage employees who have not entered a school schedule. This is because in those cases, R&R cannot properly monitor compliance with the ATW. Those situations can then no longer go unnoticed.

In addition, we are also going to issue a warning when a 13- or 14-year-old is scheduled during the week; after all, they are only allowed to work on weekends. Until now, this was not a common situation, but with the increasingly younger workers, we also want to show this notification during scheduling.

Of course, even for both of these rules, it can be set whether they will only be shown as warnings or whether it will be blocking, preventing these situations from occurring in the roster.

*) Some users are currently set to block all ATW violations.

The right insights at the right time with R&R Insights

With R&R Insights, R&R provides access to data, lots of data, sometimes perhaps too much data? While steering data is important, it's easy to get lost among the large amounts of data you could be steering on. That's why we've released two new features that make it easier to get the right steering information ready for your staff.

For example, you can now save different views for specific roles. For example, a view specifically designed for department managers, with the information relevant to them. Or perhaps a view for your branch managers that shows the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) right next to each other across all departments.

Want your department managers to be able to access R&R Insights, but not confuse them with the sheer volume of data available? No problem, that's part of your options from now on! To prevent people from getting lost in all the data available in R&R Insights, permissions can be adjusted so that the ready-made reports can be viewed, but the people in these roles cannot start creating reports themselves.


Speaking of KPIs, this is immediately a good time to look ahead to the feature that is currently being worked on: the KPIs in the dashboard. For some time now, users in R&R have been welcomed with a series of KPIs at the top of the dashboard. However, these KPIs are quite static; what you can see here is limited only by permissions to see payroll costs, for example. We'd like to see this more flexible! That's why we will soon make it possible for R&R Insights users to decide for themselves which KPIs are shown here. The KPIs will be populated directly from R&R Insights and will therefore soon include all the features found there as well. A KPI on sick hours? Show the deviation on bonus hours? Soon it will all be possible! You can set up these KPIs separately for each store or keep them the same for all your stores. This way you have maximum flexibility in the display of your most important KPIs.


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Mark Taling - Product Owner 

Mark Taling - product owner R&R
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